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About Us

Adventure Angling Society provides for some of the best course fishing in and around the Basingstoke area. We believe our membership provides exceptional angling whilst maintaining excellent value for money. As a "Club Member" you have : -

  • Access to our own water "Willow Pool".

  • Exchange tickets with some of the other local clubs.

  • 32 miles of the Basingstoke Canal.

All included in the price of Membership and to make things even easier we can now take online payment.

Membership can be obtained online, by post (select buttons below) or from Tadley Angling. Membership runs from 16th June until 15th June of the following year inclusive.

Contact Details: -

Match bookings new contact number

Nick Sargeant 07517936845

AAS Membership information: -

email: adventure.angling.society@gmail.com or contact

Trevor Tarrant 07808 944461