Advances in Brillouin Light Scattering


BioBrillouin Meeting

12-14 Sept. 2018 Perugia, Italy

NEW: Sept. 13, 2018

Here you will find a collection of photos relative to the celebration of the PhD Honoris Causa to John Sandercock (by G. Chiocci):

Here is a collection of photos relative to the whole Conference (by H. Schulteiss):

The news has been also reported on the RAI-TV Evening NEWS (Umbria Edition) of Sept. 17. Here is the link and you can see the REPORT at minutes 14 and 15:


In 2018 it occurs the 40th anniversary of the publication of the first Brillouin Light Scattering (BLS) results obtained by John R. Sandercock using the high-contrast Tandem Fabry-Pérot (TFP) interferometer. He applied for the patent in 1977 and he got it in 1980.

In 2018 we also celebrate 30 years of BLS activity of the GHOST laboratory at Perugia University, Italy.

The focus will be on the technical capabilities and developments of BLS (including recent advances in micro-focused scanning operation mode), but different topics will be addressed, including: Advances in the instrumentation for BLS; Spin waves, spintronic and magnonic devices; Spin-orbitronic effects and topological materials; Elastic and viscoelastic properties of films, multilayers and bulk materials; Phononic structures and acoustic resonators; Medical and Clinical Applications; Phenotyping and Novel Applications in the Life Sciences; Instrument Design and Data Analysis; Correlative and Comparative Methods; Outreach and Dissemination.

- May 1st 2018: Abstract submission opens

- June 24th 2018: Deadline for abstract submission

- June 30th 2018: Notification of abstract acceptance

- July 1st 2018: Early registration and Hotel reservation open

- July 15th 2018: Preliminary program

- August 6th 2018: Deadline for early registration and Hotel reservation

Organization & Contacts

The Meeting is organized by the Group of High-resolution Optical Spectroscopy and related Techniques (GHOST) (a mixed unit that involves personnel from the Department of Physics and Geology of the University of Perugia and from the Istituto Officina dei Materiali (IOM) of the National Research Council), in collaboration with the Core Group of the BioBrillouin Cost Action.

For any further information, please write to: or contact Prof. Giovanni Carlotti or Prof. Daniele Fioretto

Special Session

A Special Session (afternoon of Sept. 12), will be devoted to the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Tandem Fabry-Pérot Interferometer, including the delivery of the PhD "Honoris Causa" to John R. Sandercock for his invention and its impact on science and technology. Keynote speakers for this "Special Hystorical Session" will be Prof. Burkard Hillebrands (Univ. of Kaiserslautern) and Prof. Fabrizio Nizzoli (formerly at Univ. of Ferrara)

2nd BioBrillouin Meeting

The Event will be partly joint with the 2nd BioBrillouin Meeting, organized in the framework of a dedicated Cost Action:


The Meeting will be held at Hotel Giò “Jazz and Wine”, located at walking distance from the wonderful historic center of Perugia and from the University

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