Adobo Velo

Welcome to Adobo Velo

SoCal's biggest Filipino-American Cycling Club. All skill levels welcome, regardless of nationality, race, color, creed.

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Our Mission...

Foster camaraderie by organizing group rides and bike events, and providing club benefits such as ride insurance and kits.


  • Weekly local group rides
  • Organized events almost every month (picnics with raffle prizes, challenging century rides, etc)
  • Club kit exclusive to members
  • Group ride insurance
  • Annual awards party
  • Swapmeet (via social media)

Questions, comments? Email us at Interested in becoming a member?

Geographic Chapters

  • Cerritos (Liberty Park/PCH)
  • Duarte (Encanto Park/San Gabriel mtns)
  • Orange County (Santa Ana River Trail)
  • Ventura/Valley (Santa Monica mtns)
  • Eagle Rock (Griffith Park/Downtown LA)
  • San Diego
  • Las Vegas
  • Chino Hills
  • Palmdale (Angeles Nat'l forest)
  • Santa Clarita (Antelope Valley)
  • Manila (Greenhills Shopping Center)

Our philosophy...

... We want our sport to thrive, so we must be good ambassadors of it.

Our club strives to be good citizens, showing courtesy and respect to residents, motorists, pedestrians, and fellow cyclists when we visit communities to bike.

We smile and say hello. We obey traffic laws. We don't litter.

Officers & Board of Directors

Officers: President: Mhel Mojica; VP: (Acting) Mandy Genato; Treasurer: Rosalie Kneebone; Moderator: Vic Bueno; Auditor: Edgar Borje

Chapter Directors: Cerritos: Louie Gonzales; Duarte: George Chung; Ventura/Valley: Fermin Hernandez; Orange County: Carlo Reyes; Chino Hills: Aldrich Gatpayat; Eagle Rock: Deo Punongbayan; San Diego: Allan "Jok" Navarro; Las Vegas: Lee Pahuriray; Palmdale: Rick Swift; Santa Clarita: Ben Galindo; Manila: Amante Aguila

Special Activities Directors: Endurance: Ed Gallegos; Triathlon: Shangrila Rendon; Racing: Panda Hermoso and Mike Hoang

Previous Presidents: Jesse Santamaria (May2005-May2009); Arden Arindaeng (May2009-May2011); Dennis Gorospe (May2011-May2013); Mandy Genato (May2013-May2015); Ed Hidalgo (May2015-Feb2016); Mandy Genato Feb2017-Apr2017; Ruffy Martin May2017-May2017;