✔︎ DO Come prepared!

✔︎ DO bring enough bags for the items that you plan to sell (If you wish to offer bags to shoppers)

✔︎ DO bring plenty of singles and change. It is your responsibility to have this for your customers.

✘ DON'T leave your money accessible to the general public. A hip bag is a good idea since it has more than one compartment or an apron with pockets.

✔︎ DO allow plenty of time to set up your table(s) in an organized manner.

✔︎ DO consider posting a sign indicating whether your prices are negotiable; if you are willing to haggle or firm if you are not.

✘ DON'T let items go unnoticed under your table. Make sure that if you have items under the table that they are accessible and easy to see.

✔︎ DO use labels and/or signage to clearly indicate price and size of your items. It also helps to sort your items by size.

✔︎ DO make sure all your items are clean. Do your best to get out stains. If you are selling large items, make sure you clean those too.

✘ DON'T hide problems. For example, if there is a zipper that needs replacing you should make sure that is known.

✔︎ DO make sure all racks are secure and won’t fall over if items are pushed from one end to the other. A few socks full of sand over the bottom of the rack can make it more stable.

✔︎ DO Make sure that your two and three-piece items are connected together. Safety pins or a single run-thru with needle and thread tied off will do the trick.

✘ DON'T try to be a hero. It is a good idea to have a helper to ensure there is someone at your table at all times. You may need to take a restroom or shopping break and the organizers will not be able to watch your table. Also, if you get busy, it’s nice to have extra hands helping.

✔︎ DO remember that this will be a long day. Concessions will be available for purchase, but it is also a good idea to bring snacks and drinks if you will need them. Chapstick and lotion can be life-savers!

✔︎ DO wear comfortable shoes.