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POLI 230: Institutions and Institutional Change in Comparative Perspective, Spring 2021

This course provides a graduate-level introduction to the study of institutions in comparative politics, with a focus on both classic debates and new empirical studies.

POLI 138: Politics of Poverty and Prosperity, Spring 2021

This course asks: why are some countries poor while others are prosperous? The course weighs competing explanations for this puzzle, highlighting the role of political factors and political institutions.

POLI 190: Rural Politics, Fall 2019

This course examines the critical role that agriculture plays in shaping major phenomena studied by political scientists – from the development of modern nation-states to the emergence of democratic political institutions – taking a comparative as well as historical perspective

POLI 240: Political Economy, Fall 2019

This course provides a graduate-level introduction to the field of political economy. Major topics include: distributive politics, democratization, development, accountability, order and violence, and collective action.