Living Room Dances

Now that we are all at home and unable to attend classes, we have decided to present some dances that can be done at home. These dances have been posted on Youtube and Facebook at the links indicated below. Check back as this page is updated. As you can see we have a mixture of adapted folk dances, adapted popular dances and dances that we have created for our program using music that the participants like. Do you have a special request?

We invite you to dance with us. Happy dancing everyone!

Click on the underlined words to view the dances or the series of dances.


Toyko Dontaku (Japan) May 23/20

Abanibi (Israel) May 16/20

What a Wonderful World May 9/20 Dedicated to our friends who we miss.

Barech (Israel) May 2/20 This dance is a dance of thanks to all of you who are working to keep people safe and well in the community, in care homes and in hospitals.

Bollywood Dance, dedicated to our volunteers April 25/20

Avre Tu (Israel) April 18/20

Ashrei Ha'ish (Israel) April 4/20

Hinei Ma Tov (Israel) March 28/20

Noladeti LaShalom (Israel) & For a Birthday (Hungary) March 21/20


YOUTUBE VIDEOS (scroll down for sitting dances)

Living Room Dances Series 1: March 21/20

Rafsoda (Israel), LIfe's A Dance, Asjere / The Ketchup Dance, Waka Waka, The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Living Room Dances Series 2: March 28/20

We are a Family, Mayim (Israel), Branle des Lavandieres (France), Macarena, Light a Candle (Israel)

Living Room Dances Series 3: April 4/20

La Raspa (Mexico), Happy, Tell My Ma, Kouresh aka The Horse Dance (Mongolia, adapted), Erev Shel Shoshanim (Israel, adapted from version I learned from Steve Weintraub)

Living Room Dances Series 4: April 18/20

Madre Tierra, Malhao (Portugal), Branle des Chevaux (France), Beezrat Hashem (Israel), Dollar Wine

Living Room Dance Series 5 April 25/20

A Place in the Choir, Above the Rainbow (adapted line dance), Limbo Rock , Gangnam, La Laines des Moutons (adapted from the version taught by Yves Moreau and Frances Borque-Moreau).

Living Room Dances Series 6 May 2/20

Kalinka, Chori Chori (Israel/Bollywood music), Tarantella (Italy, adapted), Hoe Ana (South Pacific, adapted) .

Living Room Dances Series 7 May 9/20

Wassouma (music from Suriname), Kukuvicka (Bulgaria, adapted), Zumba Dance, David Melech (israel, adapted).

Living Room Dances Series 8 May 16/20

Havana, Dana (Roma, adapted), Cotton Eyed Joe, Despacito.

Living Room Dances Series 9 (May 23/20)

Follow the Leader, Yassu Hachayim (Israel, adapted). Hora Lautareasca din Dolj (Romania, adapted), Pata Pata (South Africa, adapted), Celebrate

Sitting Dances for the Living Room April 5/20

Here are a selection of dances that can be done sitting down: Noladeti LaShalom, Waka Waka, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Erev Shel Shoshanim