Celebrating over 50 Years
of Service


T h e   H i s t o r y   o f   A D A P P

Founded in 1972, the Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program serves the schools and parishes within the New York Archdiocese. During its fifty-year history, ADAPP has been recognized on the national and state level for the quality of its services and programs.

ADAPP offers substance abuse prevention services, which are based on current health research, to youth in grades K through 12, to school staff and to parents. Programs are constantly expanding to address diverse populations and current trends. Crisis intervention, suicide assessment, bullying prevention and school climate are recent additions to our services.

Our mission is dedicated to serving, with excellence, the children, adults and families within the schools, parishes and communities of the New York Archdiocese. We strive to provide innovative, comprehensive services including counseling and education to prevent and intervene in the use of alcohol and
other drugs.

We believe that through our clear sense of purpose, our dedication to those we serve and the commitment of caring professionals, ADAPP helps adults and children realize their full potential.

A D A P P   O v e r   t h e   Y e a r s

A Message from the Executive Director, Christine Cavallucci

On behalf of ADAPP, Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program, I am pleased to announce that 2022 commemorates the 50th anniversary of the agency.

     Since 1972, ADAPP has played a vital role in preventing alcohol and substance use addiction AND promoting mental health and wellness for children, teens and families in the Archdiocese of New York.  Under the auspices of the Superintendent of Schools Office, and funded by New York State OASAS, Office of Addiction Services and Supports, ADAPP has been recognized on the national, state and local level for the quality of its services and programs.

     For 50 years, ADAPP remains steadfast in its purpose: to empower individuals, families, and communities to reach their full potential. This is accomplished through a strong belief in the ability of children and adults to develop resiliency in the face of adversities, a commitment to a strength-based approach that supports social and emotional competencies, and the recognition in the power of many helping relationships in the community, school and family.

     Through innovative, comprehensive counseling and education programs, crisis intervention and trauma response, suicide and bullying prevention programs, ADAPP promotes healthy individuals and strong communities with services designed to prevent and intervene in the use of alcohol, other drugs, and high-risk behaviors for children, adults, and families.

As we commemorate ADAPP’s 50th year of service, we recognize that, while a relatively small agency in size, our programs have impacted the lives of tens of thousands of youth and families.  Spanning a ten-county geographic area from NYC to Kingston, ADAPP counselors provide services in Catholic high schools and elementary schools throughout Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland and Ulster Counties. Our influence extends into local communities through two substance use prevention coalitions, Throggs Neck Community Action Partnership (TNCAP) and Forward South Bronx Coalition (FSBC), both active coalitions that operate under the guidance of ADAPP.

     ADAPP's successful and enduring legacy is built upon its team of highly trained and dedicated professionals, the ability to expand services to meet the needs of the schools and communities, and dynamic programming to address current issues impacting the lives of youth, families, and schools.

     As we celebrate this half-century milestone, we are grateful to those who have shared their skills and talents with the agency. We are humbled by those who allow us to share our vision to promote healthy individuals and communities, and we look forward to continuing to serve the community with compassion and excellence.

A D A P P   I n  A c t i o n

F o l l o w   u s   o n   S o c i a l   M e d i a

A D A P P ' s   F u t u r e

ADAPP is small but mighty.  Our impact far exceeds the number of people who worked here over the past 50 years.   Our former Executive Director, Frances Maturo, once compared ADAPP to The Little Engine That Could. The familiar story, which has been told many times, is about a stranded train unable to find another engine willing to take it over the mountain to its destination. Only the little engine is willing to give it a try, all the while repeating, I think I can, I think I can. It’s a story about hard work, resilience and hope. It’s a story about overcoming odds to offer help in the face of adversity. It’s our story.


As we look into the future, ADAPP will advocate for expanded services to prevent substance use and improve the mental health of children and families.  We will remain current and knowledgeable about resources and strategies to provide comprehensive services and we will ensure a well-compensated, competent, caring and healthy workforce.


It is my fervent hope that we never lose sight of what makes ADAPP special; a passion for serving others, a belief in the power of helping relationships and a commitment to offering services with a caring heart.

Christine Cavallucci