Adamo Hammock babyswing


The hammock helps the sense of balance, hand-eye cordination, fine motor skills and it can even help speech development

Everyone loves to swing...

Just remember how much you enjoyed it when your parents took you to the playground.

Swinging not only soothes babies and lulls them to fall asleep, but it also helps the deveéopment of balance, movement, spatial orientation, and fine motor skills.

Babies naturally love being cradled and dandled in their mothers’ arms. This is a normal physical need of all babies as they’ve experienced something really similar while being in their mothers’ belly for several months.

It’s not a caincidence that crying babies can be soothed easily by cradling them in our arms. Mothers know this best for sure. It’s an instinctual reaction of mommys that they take their crying babies in their arms and they nurse the little ones. However, parents often worry that babies get used to being held, and once they are put down, they immediately start crying. This occurs frequently, and there are infants who are continuously in their mom’s arms because of this. So no wonder that as a result, mothers becomes exhausted and they are not able to fulfill their other duties around the household.

We don’t doubt that the best place for babies is in their mother’s arms, however, we suggest to start using a hammock so parents can find balance and have some free time for themselves without going crazy. They can be sure that their little babies are in a safe environment and gets enough comfort.

Do you know why babies love to swing? They experience the very same feelings as in mom's tummy. This combined with the soft and enveloping feeling provide a sense of security which makes them relaxed and calm. Using a single point of fixture and a spring allows the babies to move in each direction - just like they did for months before their births.Click the video to learn more.


We take utmost care when it comes to sourcing the best material in the world for babies. All our textiles are made of 100% cotton and adapted to the latest trends. We are constantly looking for extraordinary materials so we can deliver new collections for the joy of mothers. As our hammocks are made in a manufacturing environment, there is a possibility to order customized hammocks for the most special experience.

The exclusive look our hammocks is really important for us, therefore we are happy to decorate them with embroidery upon request. Embroidery is a decorating method, which makes the product special and customized with a sampler that is stitched through the fabric.

We only use first class, unprocessed, smooth, and noble beech wood and we craft ourselves the bars for our hammocks in our own workshop. We make sure to select materials that are perfect in every way. We either leave the bars unprocessed, or we use bio walnut-oil as a mordant, so the babies will only touch natural materials. The treatment the beech goes through is also done carefully and precisely by hand.