About me: I am a mathematician and tenure-track professor of mathematics at Santa Monica College in Southern California. I defended my dissertation, The Complex Dimensions of Space-Filling Curves, and earned my Ph.D. in June 2022 from UC Riverside. Previously I was an adjunct instructor at CSULB and LBCC for several years. I received my B.S. in Applied Math from ASU, and my M.S. in Pure Math from CSULB. I have over 11 years of teaching experience, and several years of experience in the plastics industry as a fabricator and operations manager. I have also always been a lover of film, and I used to work in the film industry in Los Angeles as an electric, a gaffer, and an editor a long time ago.

My research advisor was Distinguished Professor Michel L. Lapidus and my research focus is the complex dimensions and fractal geometry of space-filling curves. More specifically the singularities of zeta functions for relative fractal drums associated with space-filling curves. The construction detailed in my dissertation may have applications to image processing or data storage since space-filling curves are used in these applications, so if you have knowledge of the use of space-filling curves in these contexts, you might be interested to read my research, and you can check out some of the talks I have posted here.

One of my specialties is making advanced math digestible to those with less math experience so they can see that it is approachable and makes sense. Like I tell my students: if something in mathematics doesn't make sense, it's usually not being explained well enough! I also have an amazing wife, and two awesome daughters.

Programming skills: fluent in LaTeX, comfortable with Mathematica, CLI, learning and comfortable with Python (numpy, scipy, sympy, see my GitHub), some experience with Macauly2 (homological algebra programming language).

My TEDxCSULB Talk - Right Path, Wrong Lane