church of Christ

126 Summer Street   ~  Adairsville, Georgia

Come worship in spirit and truth!

Visit with us and allow the Bible to be your only guide!  It is refreshing to leave the doctrines of men behind.

Email :

Phone: (770)773-3362

Postal address: P.O. Box 346, Adairsville, GA 30103

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Our leadership:

Brian Holbert - Elder

Steve McCaslin - Elder

Mike Smith - Elder

Rick Lawson - Preacher

Terry Woodring - Deacon

Additional deacons: (photos coming soon)

Eric Helton

Kerry Smith

Danny Vines

What to expect when you visit:

The Sunday morning worship service at Adairsville is simple but profound. We center upon on God, following the simple principles of the New Testament. Our goal is to praise the Almighty, and help each person to draw closer to God and Christ. We sing a cappella, pray, partake of communion, have the opportunity to give of our means, and study scriptures from the Bible. At other times, there are a variety of Bible study classes for all ages. There are other occasions to meet for discussion and study, as well as encouragement and fellowship. We are Christians only and wear no man-made names and follow no man-made doctrines.

Schedule of services:

Sunday morning worship - 11:00am

Sunday evening worship - 6:00pm  (August 6th afternoon service)

Wednesday evening Bible study - 7:00pm

(Occasionally we have an afternoon service instead of an evening service, call for information.)

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Visit the building at 126 Summer street, Adairsville, GA.