Cardano Google Sheet

The Cardano Google sheet is a shared document anyone can access and check out ADA stats, run some ROI calculations, check out an updated list of Cardano staking pools and more.

You can also try out our donation address and it's integration into Zapier. Any donations to the address fire a notice to Zapier and Zapier adds a new row in the Donations sheet as well as sends a Tweet. You can make your own using Zapier and

Cardano Price Facts

Cardano Price Sheet using the CRYPTOFINANCE plugin. Most data from coinmarketcap API.


Once the Reward era starts, users will be able to delegate their stake, or to act as stake pools and have stake delegated to them. Here are some screenshots released by the team.

Read the latest on POS staking for Cardano in this forum post.

List of known Cardano Pool candidates

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. Cardano is developing a Proof of Stake smart contract platform that will be interoperable with existing smart contract blockchains.

Cardano Community

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Buy ADA Coins

Buy ADA at Bittrex, Binance,, Change Now and Huobi.

Lovelace Pool

Support the Lovelace Pool and you'll be earning a great ROI as well as helping to develop community tools like the ADA Block explorer!

The Lovelace Pool will be a place for ADA holders to both make an ROI and directly support development of the Cardano community by supporting talented independent developers who wish to build tools that bring value to the ecosystem.

Pool Goals

    • Run and maintain a Cardano node with extremely high reliability
    • Develop community tools and information
    • Reward stakers
    • Reward involvement

Get involved or alerted when it starts