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Founded in 1971, ACT provides a safe haven where toddlers to teens from many faiths, cultures and economic backgrounds gather to learn, play and grow, as they participate in a broad range of programs among highly-trained and caring adults. ACT consistently provides children and their families with high quality services that sustain, support and enhance their ability to thrive in diverse communities. ACT offers year-round, affordable, reliable, nonsectarian and socially enriching educational programs and special events for families in and around the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the world's largest Gothic cathedral.



"Our son has been part of ACT's after school program for two years. We can't imagine life without it! The counselors are incredible - deeply committed, caring, and creative - and our son has forged tight bonds with peers and adults alike thanks to the warmth of the entire ACT community. ACT is a gem in the community that has cultivated a wonderful culture for young people. All of ACT's programs provide invaluable experiences for kids - we consider ourselves lucky to be a part of it!"

Kerry McKibbin and Tom Lynch

“Month after month, we watched her thrive emotionally, socially, and intellectually. She was challenged at her level and encouraged to go beyond. Her passions grew as did her confidence. In the end, she was invited to attend one of the city's most prestigious programs for advanced learners next fall! Thank you for getting to know us, for teaching us, guiding us, and supporting us. We are thrilled with our experience at ACT and firmly believe you laid down the stepping stones to pave us a path to some extremely exciting tomorrows. We firmly believe that we would not have been as prepared for the "New York Kindergarten experience" had we gone elsewhere.”

Ethan and Lori Kent

A.C.T. is truly down-to-earth, nurturing and inspired nursery school-a hidden gem in New York City's often crazed education world.

The Paulls

We are so pleased with the level of education and the wonderful daily experiences both our daughters have enjoyed at ACT.. After my daughter’s graduation, we will continue signing up for winter and summer camps in years to come no doubt ☺️

Maria Elizabeth Sayer

I cannot speak more highly of the ACT Divine Parties or the staff at any of the ACT activities. This place is a true gem within the community and we had my son's birthday there for the second year in a row. The staff was helpful, patient and extremely well organized for a party with 25 children 7 and under. Thank you ACT for making my son feel so special and for making the party planning a breeze for me!

Julia Rudolph

My children Madison and Morgon attended the Spring camp from 3/23/15-3/27/15 they had a ball. My children cried the last day because they did not want to leave. What a great staff and counselors. We can't wait for the next break.

Trenise Washington

I love ACT and so happy I found it! My 8-year old daughter goes all summer long and loves it! Holiday camp during the school year is a godsend! Yay for ACT!

Laura-Ann Robb

ACT is save haven for my kids. We love it and will be back next summer :)

Emilia Bullatt Aleszczyk

C O N T A C T U S :

A D D R E S S : 1047 Amsterdam Ave (in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine) NY, NY 10025 P H O N E : 212.316.7530

O P E N O F F I C E H O U R S : 8:30 am to 6:15 pm, Monday through Friday

C O N T A C T : E M P L O Y M E N T :

F O L L O W U S:

A C T P A G E O N T H E C A T H E D R A L W E B S I T E -