What we Learn 

At Active Artists Day Camp your child will learn, create, and play. Our weeklong camps are designed for your child to learn about important art, artists, and art mediums. then use this knowledge to collaborate, brainstorm, and come up with their own skit or play to perform by the end of the week in groups. We create art, that we can use as inspiration, or props. Then we implement them along with instruments, and our surroundings to create something unique and have a ton of fun!

Our 2023 Winter Break Camp will be held across the street from Loyal Heights Elementary School in the Northminster Gymnasium and facility. 

7706 25th Ave NW,

Seattle WA 98117 

Our process allows them to start the week gaining knowledge and then us it, writing, working in a team, acting, and creating. 

When we are not in focusing on art, we are running, jumping, and playing. We use group activities to help kiddos bond and be active.