An Active Rehabilitation Device for Elbow Joints

In this project, my team was tasked with designing and building an inexpensive yet effective elbow joint rehabilitation device. We designed a cheap yet efficient active rehabilitation device for elbow joints. The device is only composed of mechanical parts such as a lead screw, and a four-bar mechanism. It is not only able to help patients exercise their elbow joints in an inexpensive way, but also very easy to use and portable. The device has earned patients’ and surgeons’ great approval. And a patent (Application Number: CN201510472161.5 , Publication Number: CN105148460B) for this rehabilitation device has been successfully applied.

This project was proposed by Fifth and Sixth People’s Hospitals in Shanghai to improve the status quo of the elbow rehabilitation process in hospitals. In the past, elbow surgery patients have to pay high fees to use high-tech rehabilitation equipment to help them recover. For many people, the cost was prohibitive. So we are asked to build a cheap, portable, and manually operated rehabilitation machine to help patients recover the elbow joints’ normal states. ​