SleepMove Device

SleepMove is a wireless device that is capable of collecting data from various types of piezoresistive sensors deployed in a network to improve the dynamic range of sensor arrays and satisfy the requirements for feature detection and extraction from the collected neuro-motor signals. The network of extremely thin (1mm) sensors are placed underneath the bedding to allow for a flat and unobtrusive sleep surface. Advanced wireless system design addresses the main challenges that include, sensor sensitivity/selectivity, interference, and most importantly low signal to noise ratios associated with brain research applications. Hardware and software integrate movement and respiration variability using a fast-time, neuro-motor bout detection algorithm. This unit wirelessly transmits the data to the central processing unit that can be placed along-side the patients’ bed.

Neuroscience Algorithm

The data collected by SleepMove device is processed by a neuroscience software to determine mild cognitive impairments in the brain.