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Action Spine & Joint (formerly Action Chiropractic) has treated over 10,000 patients with spinal trauma and disc issues. Our center has been voted as the city’s Best Chiropractic Clinic in 2016. Our goals are to improve your whole body wellness, help you heal quickly, and eliminate pain and discomfort with non-surgical treatment options. We recently celebrated our 20th year in business. While back pain is the top reason patients first visit us, they soon learn we treat all conditions of the spine. If you have experienced a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, ligament tears or other damage, suffered injuries from a car accident, or have knee, back, shoulder or elbow pain, our spine doctors can help. We have spinal specialists on staff to help you heal and avoid surgery. You will quickly become a welcomed member of our family of satisfied patients. We offer a state-of-the-art facility that was recently fully renovated.

No one should suffer from chronic pain for a lifetime. When you come to our office, you will be given options based not only on your condition, but the circumstances present in your life right now. In order to accomplish this, we have to guide you to fix your condition, not just mask your symptoms temporarily and cross your fingers. You only have one shot at this life. You don’t want to be caught looking in the rearview mirror with what could have been, if only.

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Stem Cell Therapy Nashville

There is much debate about the effectiveness of regenerative stem cell treatments and whether or not it is the role of chiropractors in this type of treatment in the shoulders, knees and other parts of the body. Speaking from personal and professional experience, Action Spine & Joint can tell you that we’ve been wildly successful with the use of stem cells to treat pain, degenerative conditions, and many other issues of the bones and joints for patients in Nashville and the surrounding areas. But that success is something that you can expect when we a clinic has a non-surgical bone specialist on staff!

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

The type of stem cell products Action Spine & Joint's doctors use for treatments isolate growth factors and stem cells from cord blood and the umbilical cord itself. As you may know, stem cells can transform into any healthy cell type in the human body. This quality makes them the perfect material to repair and rebuild worn out or damaged joints, brain tissue, heart muscles, and much more.

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Auto Accident Chiropractic Treatment

Being in an auto accident is one of your worst fears as a driver. The injuries you incur could last a lifetime, and that’s assuming that you are the only one affected. When a dreaded accident occurs, you’ll need all the help you can get to recover from your injuries and avoid a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Benefits of Seeing a Nashville Auto Accident Chiropractor

Treats Less Obvious Injuries. Broken bones and cuts can be diagnosed and treated pretty easily, but a condition like whiplash may not be so obvious. However, left untreated, this serious injury could leave you with symptoms that last for the rest of your life.

Learn more about our Auto Accident Chiropractic Treatment here.

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Joint Pain Treatments

Joint Replacement Alternatives

The human body is a marvel of engineering. The basic structure is held up by rigid bones. As in the old song, all of the bones are connected by joints. However, unlike a mechanical machine, the bones (ideally) do not actually touch one another. Instead, they are connected with soft tissues, such as tendons and cartilage, that cushion the joints.

Causes of Joint Pain

Action Spine & Joint recognize there may be many more causes of joint pain than listed; here we highlight a few that we encounter almost daily with our patients.

Read more about our Joint Pain Treatments here.

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Elbow Treatments

Elbow pain is usually not serious, but because you use your elbow with almost every movement you make, it is important to take care of it as soon as possible. The elbow moves in a couple of ways. It works very much like a hinge and also can twist. Most elbow pain is caused by overusing the elbow or a sports related injury. Arthritis can sometimes be the cause, but it is usually the former. The chiropractors as Acton Spine & Joint have effective elbow rehabilitation treatments to allow you to return to normal activities without pain.

Each patient’s situation is unique. If a patient has a nagging, painful, or ongoing elbow issue, our spinal and joint specialists assess the situation and develop a customized protocol for treatment. Examples of therapies our chiropractors use include adjustments, laser therapy, massage, and strengthening exercises to heal the elbow.

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