ACT After School Adventures

Highlights from the Spring!!

Highlights from the first semester of ACT Afterschool - we're excited for what's to come in the Spring!!

Staying ACTive with Wii Dance!

Time with Emma!

Trick or Treat!

Feeding Peacocks!

Getting a helping hand!

Playing outside in the sun!

Playing board games -

Store bought ones...

...and ones of our own creation!

Baking Pies!

Making snowflakes!

Collecting Rocks!

Playing Tag! (Home base is crowded!!)

Spending time together with DaQuasia!

Practicing our lines with Sharlene!

Rehearsing with Nashrat!

Preparing with Emma!


Making Art!


We even do MATH!

Crazy 8s is a new after-school math program designed to get kids fired up about math!

Every week Crazy 8ers build stuff, run and jump, make music, make a mess… all while bonding with friends over math.

Marie works with small groups to give children the ability to unleash the power of math!

Let’s show kids that math can be fun outside of school – that it’s a part of regular life.

Visit the website for additional information:

Shown here: Glow In The Dark Geometry Activity