Ambedkar College Research Journal (ACRJ) - An Annual Journal of Ambedkar College, Fatikroy


ACRJ is Annual Research Journal published by Ambedkar College, Fatikroy. It has ISSN NO: 657-2395-2350

From the Desk of the Editor in-Chief & Principal i/c

Publication of a Research Journal has a vital role in promotion of quality in Higher Education. Enhancing the quality of Higher Education is one of the core commitments of the Ambedkar College, Fatikroy. Thus, we did launch this journal in the year 2015, which was exciting and the response was encouraging. We are happy that we could overcome the challenging task of maintaining the continuity of the publication and bring out the second issue of the Ambedkar College Research Journal for scholars and general public.

This issue contains eleven articles, of which seven are in English, three are in Bengali and one in Sanskrit, covering topics from different disciplines, viz. Social science, Philosophy, Religion, Bengali literature and Sanskrit literature.

We are extremely thankful to all researchers and scholars who have contributed their scholarly article for this issue, without which it would not have been possible on our part to materialize the publication of this journal. We do hereby convey our gratitude to the members of the Advisory Board for their valuable suggestions and advice. We are also thankful to the faculty members of Ambedkar College for their all-round help and support in bringing out the second issue of this journal.

Hope, like the first issue this issue will also receive a good response from scholars as well as reading public and will contribute to the field of research and development.

Dr. Subrata Sharma