Summer School in Algebraic Combinatorics

July 11-15 2022 Kraków

Algebraic combinatorics employs the methods of algebra (in particular representation theory), geometry and topology in various combinatorial contexts and, conversely, applies combinatorial techniques to problems in these areas. Objects studied in this field are often of representation theoretic origin (such as symmetric functions, Young diagrams and Young tableaux, Robinson-Schensted-Knuth correspondence). Problems amenable to the methods of algebraic combinatorics arise in these and other areas of mathematics, or from diverse parts of applied mathematics. Because of this interplay with many fields of mathematics, algebraic combinatorics is an area in which a wide variety of ideas and methods come together. The unifying feature of the subject is the interaction between algebraic and combinatorial ideas.

The summer school is intended for young researchers working in algebraic combinatorics or who would like to come closer to the field. Of course, more mature researchers are also most welcome.

The main content of the summer school is provided by three series of lectures by the three invited speakers who are experts in this field. Each series consists of 5 lectures (60 minutes each) accompanied by 2 exercise sessions (60 minutes each).

Junior participants will have an opportunity to present posters. There will be a limited number of short talks which are intended as a possibility for junior participants to present their results.