Call for Papers:

The key goal of this workshop is to foster active interactions among diverse researchers and practitioners, and generate added momentum towards research in finding viable solutions to the security challenges faced by two emerging networking paradigms, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) .

We solicit unpublished research papers, both regular (8 pages max) and short position (4 pages max) papers, that address the latest practices, experiences, and lessons learned on SDN and NFV security. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Security, reliability and privacy through SDN and NFV in 5G networks

  • Management and orchestration of NFV and SDN elements for security

  • Secure design of NFV and SDN solutions, security enablers

  • Security threats and vulnerabilities introduced by NFV and SDN technologies

  • Threat detection and mitigation through SDN and NFV

  • Security policy specification and management in SDN and NFV systems

  • Security related monitoring and analytics in SDN and NFV solutions

  • 5G security architecture, trust and confidence

  • Authentication, authorization and Accounting in SDN

  • Secure SDN with Blockchain

  • Security of applying SDN to wireless and mobile network

  • Security of applying NFV and SDN to IoT

  • Security of applying NFV and SDN to cloud computing

  • Security of SDN API

  • Risk and compliance issues in SDN

  • Securing SDN infrastructure

  • Security architecture for SDN

  • Security standard of SDN

  • Security of SDN data plane

  • Security of SDN control plane

  • Security of SDN application plane

  • Security of Routing in SDN

  • Security of network slicing

  • Security as a service for SDN

  • SDN security using artificial intelligence