Pre-submission Mentorship Program

The SRW offers students the opportunity to receive feedback prior to submitting their work for review. The goal of the pre-submission mentorship program is to improve the quality of writing and presentation of the student's work, not to critique the work itself. Participation is optional but encouraged. Pre-submission mentorship is not anonymous.

Students wishing to participate must submit the paper by January 17, 2020 via along the followings included in the body of the e-mail.

  1. A copy of the paper (PDF format, anonymized)
  2. E-mail addresses of all authors (for correspondence)
  3. Author keywords and the area of the research (see here for relevant topics and areas)
  4. Any specific questions for mentors or expected types of feedback

Note that even though the mentoring is not done anonymously, the paper needs to be anonymized. We will check for formality of the paper including formatting before we match mentors.

Participants will receive a mentor who will review and provide feedback to the student within 4 weeks. This mentor will not be the same person who will review the final submission. The feedback will be in the format of guidelines and suggestions to improve the overall writing; students are not required to make the changes suggested by the pre-submission mentor.

The list of this year's pre-submission mentors are on the main page.

Mentoring of Accepted Papers

There will also be mentors who provide feedback to students in the form of in-depth comments and questions for the workshop presentation.