Cycle for fun, fitness - or to win!

Atlas Copco IF has a cycling section that offers joint training sessions and participates in various cycling races. We are a member of the Swedish Cycling Federation, ensuring that members get the competition license that may be required to join some cycling competitions. Atlas Copco IF has its own racing jersey in Atlas Copco colors, available for ordering via the Profile Store.

A group race trip to Siljan Runt is organized by the association. Members who want to join a second race - road or mountain bike - need to register themselves, then after completing the race, the club refunds half the starting fee.

The cycling section has cycling training in both road and mountain biking (MTB). In 2015, club championships were held in mountain biking for the first time, and continue to be held in conjunction with Hammarby Hill XC in Nacka Nature Reserve. Report your interest to the section leader, who will share more details about the event

When and where?

Road cycling

When: Wednesdays at 17:00

Where: We cycle 30-60 km, usually to Saltsjöbaden/Älgö

Contact Jerome Uliana if you wish to join.

Mountain biking:

When: Thursdays at 17:00

Where: We bike for a few hours on trails in the Nacka reserve

Contact Mattias Andre if you wish to join.

Both groups gather outside of the bike garage in the Atlas Copco building.

In case of questions, please contact the cycling section leader:

Ulf Sand,