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Join us for the Siljan Runt cycling event in Mora

ACIF will again participate in the cycling event Siljan Runt, which takes place on Saturday, September 12 this year. Siljan Runt is a very nice cycling race around Lake Siljan and Lake Orsa in the beautiful environment of Dalecarlia (Dalarna). There are three different distances to choose between. Most people cycle the longest race, which is 160 km.

ACIF covers the costs for the hotel in Mora, food and participants’ starting fee to join Siljan Runt.

The travel to and from Dalarna is coordinated by the participants. Those who volunteer to drive are reimbursed for the fuel costs by the passengers in their car.

As the race takes place on Saturday, September 12, participants will travel to Mora sometime after lunch on Friday.

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Report: Training camp in Liguria, Italy, 2019

In April 2019 15 members of ACIF went to Liguria, Italy for a road cycling training camp. We flew to Nice airport in France where the hotel owner picked us up to go to Hotel Villa Giada Bike Resort in Imperia. Imperia is located on the Italian Riviera in Liguria.

We received our rental bikes when we arrived at the hotel. After having our pedals attached and bikes adjusted we were escorted by three guides for a test ride. The test tour was on a bicycle lane on a paved-over old railway line all the way to San Remo on the coast. It was a nice tour in great weather with total distance of 47 km.

On Thursday morning the sky was covered by dark clouds when we left the hotel for our tours. We had two guides – one led the advanced group and one the less experienced group. Already after a few kilometers it started to rain – and it continued to rain the entire tour. Both groups cycled uphill towards the mountains to an altitude of some 500 meters above sea. At such altitude the temperature was less than 10 degrees and all of us became cold, especially when cycling back downhill. After a combined 80 kilometers, we arrived back at the hotel in the afternoon.

Before the dinner on Thursday evening some members went to a bicycle shop to buy warmer cycling clothes to be used on the tours on Friday and Saturday. On Friday it turned sunny and warm. Both groups cycled eastbound along the coast and made shorter diversions up the hills. The climbs were not too challenging, with each one being short (10-20 min each). Total distance for both groups was 80 km.

On Saturday both groups cycled together on the bicycle lane 30 km to San Remo. In San Remo the groups separated and took different shorter climbs up the hills. The hotel owner met us with a picnic lunch after we had made the iconic cycle climb to Cipressa, where both groups had a nice lunch with a wonderful view of the sea. Before we came back the hotel, we had a long stop at an olive oil facility where we could test olive oil and wine over snacks. This was appreciated and several members bought olive oil or other specialties from the shop. Saturday offered nice weather and we all cycled in shorts. Total distance was around 80 km.

Hotel Villa Giada Bike Resort had modern, spacious apartments. There was a pleasant terrace with a splendid view where we had lunch when the weather permitted. The hotel owner was very friendly, helpful and made all efforts to please our group. All members of the group were very pleased with the training camp.

Ulf Sand

ACIF Cycling section leader

Cycling training camp Gabicce Mare, Italy 2016

On Wednesday afternoon after half a day’s work 15 ACIF cyclists left Arlanda for Bologna and for the start of the cycling season. From the airport we were picked up by a bus which took us to Hotel Alexander in Gabicce Mare, a summer holiday resort area on the Adriadic Coast.

After breakfast on Thursday the staff helped us adjust our rented bikes and we set off for the first cycling trip. We had two guides who led us to the medieval city of Urbino, which has Unesco World Heritage status. It was warm, sunny weather for most of the ride, but it was a long climb up to over 400 meters above sea level, where it became chillier. After lunch at a café in Urbino, we cycled back down to sea level and the hotel. The first day’s trip was 88 km.

The second day we were divided into two groups, each with a guide. We did not cycle to such heights as the first day, and it was quite warm, around 24 degrees. We had lunch at a small café with a fantastic view over the sea in Pesaro. The ride home from Pesaro was through a beautiful nature reserve along the coast, where the road was a bit hilly with sharp turns. The faster group had a tour totaling 92 km. After the day’s cycling two of the participants (triathletes Jonas and Johan) even took a swim in the sea. The rest of us rested by the pool.

The third day was the toughest ride, up to San Marino at 660 meters. On the way one of the climbs was a 12-percent grade ascent! Before the final climb to San Marino we cycled down a hill with a 15-percent grade. The last half mile up to San Marino became especially tough and the group split in two. Jonas was strongest, with Jerome a close second. In San Marino we recharged with pizza, then set off downhill with the wind at our backs. When we neared the hotel the group started a spurt to the finish, ending in anticlimax when we found the road in front of the hotel closed for a special event. The ride totaled 92 km.

Most of the participants took a walk on the morning of the fourth day, before the bus picked us up from the hotel at 11 a.m. There were four enthusiasts who managed to take a short ride before the trip home.

Warm, sunny weather, good quality rental bikes and an enthusiastic hotel owner helped make the cycling trip a success. All the participants hoped for a similar training trip the next year.

Ulf Sand

ACIF Cycling section leader