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FAU Need Your Help

FAU Hospitality Cohort 6.

I'm writing tonight with a polite request/plea for your assistance. As you know the hospitality and tourism world is rebounding at various paces in various places around the world.

We have heard from thousands of you about your experiences, your trials and challenges during COVID-19, and your successes when coming back to school or getting re-employed.

We have commissioned a survey, approved by the FAU Institutional Review Board. The cover letter is attached and the LINK to complete the survey is below. It is anonymous and voluntary.


Dr. Ricci

Your participation in the survey will contribute to the in-depth and accurate understanding of what a hospitality or tourism organization could do to improve employee satisfaction. The eligible survey participants should be those who were employed by the hospitality or tourism industry for at least a portion of 2020.

Cover letter.docx

Call to Feed Homeless Veterans

Robert Coleman

The Lord's Place | Director of Food Services

ACF Palm Beach Chef's Association | 2nd Vice President

2808 N. Australian Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

561.537.4648 (Direct) | 561.541.1546 (Mobile)


There is a group of homeless veterans who are being housed in 2 motels in West Palm Beach. Stand Down House is paying for the rooms and is also working to provide permanent housing for these veterans.

The funding that was being used to provide food to them is running out and the organization that is doing the food distribution, Living Hungry, is looking for assistance to feed these veterans.

They currently have a volunteer group providing non-perishable food items on Tuesdays and a different one that does hot meals on Thursdays.

Instead of just sending money to the provider from our limited association coffers, I would like to make an ask that chefs from our chapter, or the chapter itself, consider adopting a day to provide 66 meals.

To make things easier, if chefs were to bring prepared bulk food to my kitchen, I will package it in individual containers and see that it is delivered hot to the contacts at the motels.


Robert Coleman