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This section collects the publicly available results produced in form of joint papers, thesis and reports

  • A. Zecchino, K. Knezović, M. Marinelli, “Identification of Conflicts between Transmission and Distribution System Operators when Acquiring Ancillary Services from Electric Vehicles,” Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT Europe), 2017 IEEE PES International Conference and Exhibition on, pp.1-6, Torino, 26-29 Sep 2017.
ISGT Europe 2017 - DSO-TSO conflicts when aquiring Flexibility from EVs.pdf
  • A. Thingvad, C. Ziras, J. Hu, M. Marinelli, “Assessing the Energy Content of System Frequency and Electric Vehicle Charging Efficiency for Ancillary Service Provision,” Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), 2017 Proceedings of the 52nd International, pp. 1-6, Heraklion, 29 Aug. – 1st Sep. 2017.
UPEC 2017 - Assessing the energy content of system frequency.pdf
  • Ana Odile Gadea Capiscol, “Technical investigation and economic assessment of DSO based services from electric vehicles,” M.Sc. thesis in Sustainable Energy, DTU, 10 July 2017 (supervisors: M. Marinelli, A. Zecchino, K Knezovic).
Ana Gadea - Master Thesis - Jul 2017.pdf
  • Andreas Thingvad, “Optimization, modelling and control of distributed electric vehicles for system frequency regulation,” M.Sc. thesis in Electrical Engineering, DTU, 6 July 2017 (supervisors: M. Marinelli, J. Hu, C. Ziras).
Andreas Thingvad - Master Thesis - Jul 2017.pdf