Do you really need a Smart Thermostat for your HVAC system?

Take a trip to any home improvement store and you will notice choices upon choices of smart thermostats for your home HVAC system. But do you really need one of those? Is the one at home programmable already?

The United States Department of Energy says setting the thermostat can help you save on heating and cooling bills.

“You can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by simply turning your thermostat back 7°-10°F for 8 hours a day from its normal setting. The percentage of savings from setback is greater for buildings in milder climates than for those in more severe climates. You can easily save energy in the winter by setting the thermostat to 68°F while you're awake and setting it lower while you're asleep or away from home.”

Read the rest of the explanation here.

So do you really need a smart thermostat?

For some people, programming their existing thermostats can be easy. And they are not troubled with having to make another adjustment come change of season. Some homeowners though think that this is a lot of work, and would rather have a “smart” one that could do all the programming by itself.

So what are the benefits of a “smart” thermostat? explained this in one of its web posts on programmable thermostats.

“This sleek, simple device utilizes sensors, algorithms, cloud computing, and machine learning to learn the behaviors and preferences of a household, then controls the home’s temperature accordingly. It gathers data as you use it, eventually programming itself to meet your needs. And, because it hooks up to WiFi, it allows you to manage your home heating and cooling from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.” The rest of the information can be found here.

So should you really buy? Well if you can afford it, then the extra convenience will really go a long way. But if the amount is too huge for your budget then just spending time to program your existing thermostat allows you to enjoy the savings as projected by the Department of Energy.

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