Accrete Technology (S) Pte. Ltd is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with A.I. Tech, a dynamic and innovative company specializing in Artificial Intelligence enterprise solutions within the realm of Smart Video Analysis.

A.I. Tech stands out for its expertise in various domains, including Smart Cities, Smart Video Surveillance, Retail, and Smart Business applications. Their solutions encompass characterizing and monitoring vehicle and pedestrian traffic in Smart Cities, offering selective anti-intrusion and early fire detection for enhanced video surveillance, enabling counting and recognition of people with behavioral analysis for retail scenarios, and providing statistical and predictive analysis for data acquired from diverse scenarios.

This collaboration allows Accrete Technology and A.I. Tech to leverage their respective strengths, combining Accrete's proficiency in security systems and integratable smart community applications with A.I. Tech's cutting-edge expertise in AI-powered Smart Video Analysis solutions. Together, we aim to deliver innovative and advanced technology solutions that cater to evolving market demands while providing clients with even more comprehensive and effective solutions.

Empower your smart city management with comprehensive solutions from A.I. Tech. Monitor pedestrian and vehicle traffic, address environmental concerns, and enhance public safety. Shape the future of your city with A.I. Tech. 

AI-CROWD-DEEP is a video analysis plugin that utilizes deep neural networks to accurately estimate crowd size in various scenarios, including crowded environments and slight camera movements. 

Experience the future of video analysis with A.I. Tech's advanced solutions. AI-PEOPLE offers precise human presence and movement detection, while AI-CROWDED employs deep neural networks for accurate crowd estimation. Enhance security, optimize traffic flow, and manage crowds effectively with these cutting-edge technologies. 

A.I. Tech excels in the design and execution of intelligent Video Analysis solutions across diverse scenarios, utilizing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software technologies. These solutions are adaptable for deployment on a wide spectrum of hardware platforms, be it edge-side devices, server-side systems, or even through Cloud services.

Embedded Systems: 

A.I. Tech specializes in crafting embedded solutions tailored to operate its products on dedicated, cost-effective, and computationally efficient platforms. Our range of embedded solutions includes GPU-equipped systems capable of running high-performance products based on deep neural networks, offering robust capabilities without imposing substantial financial burdens on customers.

Custom Solutions: 

Customers have the privilege of requesting custom solutions to address unique challenges when existing market offerings fall short. Our comprehensive approach involves studying the problem at hand, proposing a range of viable solutions with considerations for cost and performance, and subsequently devising a business plan for its development.


A.I. Tech extends consultancy services to cater to the distinct requirements of customers seeking to implement large-scale Video Analysis systems. This encompasses both hardware and software aspects. From the initial design phase, including the evaluation of alternative approaches with associated pros and cons, to the implementation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance, we guide our clients at every step of the process.

With a dedicated focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, A.I. Tech stands as a reliable partner for clients seeking advanced and tailored Video Analysis solutions across a spectrum of industries.

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