Nobody is better suited to handle the recruitment of athletes than the people who they trust and who care about them most; their coaches.

What Makes Accolaid Special?

Accolaid is NOT a recruiting service. How? We don't gouge players and families thousands of dollars to promote players. Instead, for a less than most services charge to manage ONE athlete, we Partner with high school athletic departments to HELP coaches manage their players' recruitment. We handle all of the:

  • Emails
  • Social media
  • Highlight tapes
  • Essentially all the boring stuff so you can get back to coaching!

Our Mission

Simple! provide coaches with a tool to effectively manage their players' recruitment without spending all their time doing it. Nobody is better suited to handle the recruitment of athletes than the coaches who care about them most. We just want to make that possible!

Why Us

Accolaid is run by former college and high school athletes who now coach high school sports with backgrounds in both computer science and marketing. We use state of the art marketing strategies and analytics to make sure that players are being promoted as correctly and effectively as possible.

Our Story

While Accolaid may be new to you, it is far from a new idea, it has been being planned for years by high school football coach Bobby Grant in Jacksonville, FL. Being a high school coach, Grant saw that the typical high school coach did not have enough time to complete all the time consuming tasks involved in recruiting and "Recruiting Services" promised the world in exchange for obnoxious amounts of money and ultimately did little to help the athlete. As a marketing student, Grant set out to give his players the best "Recruiting Service" possible using marketing analytics, industry standards and other tools to help athletes get as much exposure as possible at no cost to them or their families. Accolaid Sports is his expansion to bring that same service to athletes at all high schools who partner with Accolaid.