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Providing hope when accessibility seems out of reach. 

The Accessibility Clinic Inc had volunteers from the community who required community service hours for different purposes such as bright futures, national honors society, and beta clubs. 

Our organization wanted to offer volunteer opportunities to the community before the school year starts for families to plan appropriately.

This year, we're offering an exciting project that involves learning about federal grants on This will provide student volunteers with a genuine learning opportunity to understand the grant system, identify grants based on specific criteria, and collaborate in a team setting. This work can be done remotely, allowing volunteers to earn their volunteer hours. 

Volunteers are not required to recieve a grant to recieve hours. This is a learning opportunity and a real world training opportunity and a great college admission activity that may assist in the college application process.

We will also be setting up college opportunities through the handshake system to local colleges and universities in a separate cohort.

The project, for those selected, will commence by those selected registering for the grant system followed by being allowed monitored access to selected grant projects. Those interested will be sent a google form to apply for the program.

If anyone is interested feel free to contact me at

Evaluation Giveaway, Accessibility Awareness campaign 

Apply for 1 of 5 free Evaluations in the area of Educational Digital Accessibility, Aging in Place (Home Modification for access and safety for Seniors), Vehicle Modification, Home Modification (non-senior citizen), recreation and leisure accessibility assessment. 

To qualify our board will select recipients based on financial need, severityof disability and other services received from other agencies. If selected there will be an interview and finanical statement required to qualify, our cutoff for finanicals is a above 2.5x the poverty level in Florida. Limited to Central Florida Families, other requirements may apply.

E-mail us at to apply, please describe your disability and condic.tion -, age, location, and area of accessibility concern needing to be improved.




Our Executive Director met back up with our sponsored Ukrainian family in Lake County, Florida. Dima and his family has survived an exodus from the Ukrainian war and arrived in the United States in September of 2022. Dima was donated by our organization an ASUS - TUF Gaming Laptop A15 15.6" FHD 144Hz Gaming Laptop for school and for gaming to connect with his friends scattered around the world. Please help continue our work!

Tax Deductible 501(c)(3) donations to support our organization

At The Accessibility Clinic Inc, we seek to help create accessibility for individuals with disabilities by providing equipment, recommendations for accessible equipment and support services for individuals with disabilities some of which are unseen hidden away out of sight out of mind in need of assistance and support dependent on others.

Some examples of our projects in 2022 include replacing power wheelchair components, such as batteries control modules to allow an individual to drive their powered wheelchair independently. Recently our organization has been consulting with a fitness app developer to identify community accessible locations for fitness. A new initiative of providing 3-D printing customized keyguards for individuals with typing difficulties is underway and as we explore 3-D scanning and printing technology we are hoping to open up new possibilities for individuals that would otherwise be unable to obtain customized supports. In addition we are working with a Ukrainian refugee family hosted by a family in South Clermont to provide support for the Ukrainian Family, one of which has a disability.

While we have made some great strides, The Accessibility Clinic Inc still has a lot to accomplish. We need your support to provide equipment, consultations, and solutions.

Would you consider making a tax deductible donation to help us help others? A tax deductible donation of $1,000 funds the replace 8 wheelchair batteries, provide consultation solutions for 5 clients, or fund our larger initiatives throughout Florida.

If you have any questions, how you can help support our work email us or connect with us.

Our clients, volunteers, and staff greatly appreciate your tax deductible donation. Our goal is to improve individuals lives that would otherwise be overlooked. If you wish to contribute, use the donate button on our website.

Please join us! With your donation, we’re one step closer to meeting the needs of marginalized individuals within the population of individuals with disabilities!

Ukrainian flag with dove and yellow and blue sky in the background.

Ukrainian Refugees locally in need:

Estimates are up to 14 million refugees have now fled the violence in Ukraine. These individuals need our support, every second of the war is causing physical and emotional harm to individuals and families. Our organization was contacted from a host family seeking assistance for a refugee family from Ukraine that has arrived in the US and in need of integration and support services.

Your donation to The Accessibility Clinic Inc can help provide Ukrainian refugees with a chance of starting over. Children and families from Ukraine need immediate aid, including but not limited to meals, translators, psychosocial support and cash assistance. Help us help those who have sought refuge in the United States. Diversity makes our nation stronger support our new friends and families todays.

Click here to learn more about those we support

Help support Ukrainian Refugees with disabilities, check back for updates we are looking for support for a Central Florida Refugee family looking to learn english in a community based setting.

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 A recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization

Mission of the project

The purpose of the Accessibility Clinic,™ Inc is to provide education about accessibility, increase access to accessible technology, provide interventions to increase the independence of individuals  with disabilities.

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The purpose of the Accessibility Clinic™ Inc is to provide education about accessibility, increase access to accessible technology, provide interventions to increase the independence of individuals  with disabilities. Our board of directors has experience in the fields of special education, home modifications, vehicle modifications, adaptive and assistive technology, SGD (speech generating devices), DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). 

Home modification refers to modifying an individuals home to make the environment more accessible due to an individuals disability. Recommendations are individually based on limitations of that individual's specific needs. Each individual may or may not be able to benefit from another individuals modifications, our solution will be person specific.

Assistive technology is any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system that issued to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of a person with a disability.

An example of individual assistive technology use would be an SGD or speech generating device for individuals that need significant assistance with speaking or can not speak at all without a device.

As part of a whole home solution durable medical equipment such as ceiling lifts, elevators, medical beds, specialized bathing systems, and smart home design are all available options. When we create a person centered assessment and solution.

All other funding resources must either be used in conjunction and/or exhausted (including personal funds, retirement and/or  government benefits). Individuals must have a documented need to receive our services, sign an information release allowing us to evaluate medical information and design an accessible solution. 

The need for additional awareness and support for our most vulnerable populations became clear to our founder that more support is needed for individuals with disabilities. We are a fundraising entity for those who need our support in the community. The Accessibility Clinic™ Inc is based out of Winter Garden Florida and is actively looking for individuals in need of assistance in the central Florida area and beyond.

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The accessibility clinic is working on partnering with local and nationwide businesses to increase accessibility both privately and publicly. 

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Accessibility and choices

Awareness and education about options for individuals with disabilities leads to more informed consumer choices. Education about accessible options benefit both the individual and the community as a whole.

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Government funded agencies have a responsibility to increase the general publics accessibility to information hosted on their websites. We are happy to help support and answer accessibility questions should local governments and other public agencies need support.

We provide independent accessibility testing to prevent civil lawsuits, contact us for a reasonable quote.

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Increasing independence 

Every individual may have a unique need(s), however, what works for one individual may or may not work for someone else. The differences are individual factors that need to be considered for individuals to meet their full independent goals and potential.

The Accessibility Clinic Inc can provide independent evaluations no matter the cause of your disability to assist with access.

Our board of directors has a combined 50+ years of experience serving individuals with disabilities and our team of professionals are looking forward to expanding our services to help more individuals in need with our expertise. 


Contact our Executive Director Jeffrey Davis PhD, ATP at  for more information on the project

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