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ACCESS is a joint effort designed to highlight world-class research in coding theory, cryptography, and related areas and to encourage collaboration among its participants.

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May 21

Huck Bennett
University of Colorado Boulder

Relating Code Equivalence to Other Isomorphism Problems

Abstract. We study the complexity of the Code Equivalence Problem on linear error-correcting codes by giving reductions between variants of the problem and isomorphism problems on other discrete structures graphs, matroids, and lattices. Our main results are a simple, fine-grained reduction from the Graph Isomorphism Problem to Linear Code Equivalence over any field, and a reduction from Linear Code Equivalence over any field of prime order to the Lattice Isomorphism Problem. We also study the relationship between isomorphism problems on codes and linear matroids.

Biography. Huck Bennett is an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Colorado Boulder. Previously, he was an assistant professor at Oregon State University, did postdocs at the University of Michigan and Northwestern University, and received his Ph.D. from New York University. He is interested in theoretical computer science, with a focus on lattices and geometric algorithms.

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Jean-Francois Biasse - University of South Florida

Hiram Lopez - Virginia Tech

Felice Manganiello - Clemson University

Gretchen Matthews - Virginia Tech

Edoardo Persichetti - Florida Atlantic University

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