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ACCESS is a joint effort designed to highlight world-class research in coding theory, cryptography, and related areas and to encourage collaboration among its participants.

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May 07

Paolo Santini
Polytechnic University of Marche

CROSS: Codes & Restricted Objects Signature Scheme

Abstracts. CROSS is a post-quantum signature scheme submitted to the NIST competition. The scheme is obtained by applying the Fiat-Shamir transform on a simple Zero Knowledge (ZK) problem and bases its security on two problems: the so-called Restricted Syndrome Decoding Problem (R-SDP) and its variant  R-SDP(G). R-SDP can be seen as a specialized version of the classical Syndrome Decoding Problem (SDP) in which the entries of the solution must be restricted, i.e., must take values in a specified subset of the finite field. The solution space in R-SDP can be described as the abelian group composed of all restricted vectors, with the group operation being the component-wise multiplication. In the R-SDP(G) variant, the solution vector is further required to belong to a specified subgroup of the aforementioned group. The talk will focus on the features of these problems and how they have been employed in the design of CROSS

Biography. Paolo Santini is a postdoc at UnivPM, Italy. His research focuses on cryptography and coding theory, with special emphasis on the design and cryptanalysis of post-quantum problems and cryptographic schemes. He has participated to the NIST standardization process as the co-author of four algorithms: LEDAkem and LEDApkc (later merged into LEDAcrypt), CROSS and LESS. He has been the co-organizer of the seventh Code-Based Cryptography workshop in 2019, and the first and fourth editions of CBCrypto in 2020 and 2023.

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