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ACCESS is a joint effort designed to highlight world-class research in coding theory, cryptography, and related areas and to encourage collaboration among its participants.

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Apr 16

Beth Malmskog
Colorado College

Locally Recoverable Codes with Availability and Hierarchy from Geometry 

Abstracts. Curves and higher dimensional varieties over finite fields have rich geometric structure that can lead to natural constructions of codes with locality, availability, and hierarchy. This talk will discuss how locally recoverable codes with availability from fiber products of curves are also endowed with a hierarchical recovery structure, as well as discussing the extra structure of more general geometric constructions including Reed-Muller codes and codes on Artin-Schreier-type surfaces.

Biography. Beth Malmskog is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Colorado College.  She is particularly interested in connections between codes, algebra, and geometry. Website:

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Jean-Francois Biasse - University of South Florida

Hiram Lopez - Virginia Tech

Felice Manganiello - Clemson University

Gretchen Matthews - Virginia Tech

Edoardo Persichetti - Florida Atlantic University

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