Module-3: Access and participation


Welcome to the Access and Participation in Higher Education module! We understand that in today's rapidly changing world, education is more important than ever. But we also know that not everyone has equal access to it. That's why we're committed to exploring how we can make higher education more inclusive and accessible for everyone. We believe that education should be empowering and help people reach their full potential, regardless of any barriers they may face. Through this module, we hope to show you just how transformative inclusive education can be and how it can promote equality, social mobility, and personal growth.

It's important to envision a world where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances. In this module, we explore how Arden University is committed to creating a welcoming environment that embraces diversity, where every individual's unique perspective is appreciated and considered. By doing so, we can pave the way for a brighter future where everyone has a chance to thrive.

We are excited to embark on a journey with you where we'll delve into different themes to understand Arden's dedication. This experience will not only enhance our academic paths but also shape our future careers. 

Diverse and Inclusive Campus Culture of Arden University

Explore the bustling and lively learning environments of Arden, where a vibrant tapestry of cultures comes together to create a dynamic educational experience. At Arden, inclusivity and diversity are celebrated, contributing to a safe and respectful environment where students can flourish and gain valuable insights from each other's unique perspectives. 

Supporting Student Success at Arden University

Reaching your goals goes beyond simply getting to the end point; it's also about the experiences along the way. Arden University provides a variety of support systems to assist students in not only finishing their studies, but thriving. Through academic guidance and resources for personal growth, Arden is dedicated to nurturing your development.

On Access and Participation with Tim Robson

Come and explore an inspiring video with Tim Robson. With the help of his personal experiences and professional knowledge, Tim explains why having access to higher education is crucial for both personal growth and societal progress. 

What is an access and participation plan?

Arden University’s Access and Participation Plan sets out how it will improve equality of opportunity for underrepresented groups to access, succeed in, and progress from higher education.

Introducing our Access and Participation Plan— an initiative to empower students who face unique educational challenges. Our plan prioritizes ethnic minority students, those with disabilities, and students from underrepresented neighbourhoods, as well as areas of high deprivation, part-time learners, and mature students. Our commitment to inclusivity drives tailored support for all, ensuring that every student can achieve success regardless of their background. We invite you to join us in breaking down barriers, fostering diversity, and championing the success of every student in our vibrant community.

Outreach and Support Programs of Arden University 


Discover how Arden University values diversity and actively supports students from all backgrounds. Learn about their outreach programs, personalized support services, and creative approaches that foster a caring and inclusive learning community. You can click on the adjacent image to find out more about what we are providing in terms of Welfare Support.


During your time at university, you may have to deal with many challenging life circumstances. It is important that you access support that is available and don’t try to struggle through on your own. You can click on the adjacent image to find out more about what we are providing in terms of Mental Health Support.


There are many different types of support available to Arden students with mental health conditions, disabilities, long-term illnesses, and learning differences. You can contact us at any time during your studies, including if you are in your first year, or in your final few months. The disability adviser will talk to you about the barriers you experience and offer a range of reasonable adjustments to enable you to meet the challenges of your studies at Arden. You can click on the adjacent image to find out more about what we are providing in terms of Disability Support.

Activity: reflect and share

Reflect: What were the most important points for you in this module? Think back over the video from Tim, and the brochures on our welfare, disability and mental health support. What are the most interesting or important points for you? 

Share: Please feel free to use visuals, bullet points, or any other creative format that can effectively convey your ideas. When you're ready, take a screenshot or note down your thoughts and add them to the Padlet board below.