Buying Guide

Having an air conditioner that is suitable for a home

The sun is back and Colombo is overwhelmed by sweltering temperatures and sticky moisture once again. For your convenience, it is important to invest in a decent air conditioner for your home or workplace. Heading over to the closest supermarket, though, and pointing to the one you think would be fine, would just cause you long-term problems. Air conditioners come in several kinds of types, shapes and sizes, all with different characteristics; so before investing in the all essential air conditioner, here are few things to bear in mind.

Choosing the proper capability for your room

The air conditioner’s capability mainly depends on the scale of the space in which it will be mounted. A unit that is too small will not adequately cool the room, and one that is too big will cycle on and off, wasting electricity, and decrease the capacity of the unit to dehumidify the space efficiently.

The easiest way to decide what you need is to estimate the length and width of the square footage of the space in which you will mount the unit and calculate the BTU (British thermal unit) rating that is needed to cool the room. The BTU rating is a number that essentially informs you how well the space where it is situated can be cooled by a device. Ratings may range from BTUs of 5,000 to over 20,000.

Are you involved in a mounted unit or split level?

Window air conditioning systems are simpler to build and more economical, but they can be noisy and physically unattractive. The devices can be mounted in either a hanging window or a sliding window, but they need support, such as a custom built shelf that can be added to your home's exterior to support the device and ducts.

In most cases, split-level air conditioners are noiseless, physically appealing and provide improved ventilation. This does not need additional ducts, unlike window units, and are highly energy efficient as an added benefit. The units run at a comfortable temperature from an outside condenser that powers the indoor evaporating portion. As a dehumidifier, some models can double and others can be operated for simple operation with a wireless controller.

For optimum performance, energy efficiency

With energy prices rising, when it comes to bills, no one wants to fork out more than required. An air conditioner that is energy efficient is a must have! Most air conditioners come with energy efficiency scores graded by stars; hence, keep an eye out for more star units because they can consume less electricity.

Never seek to mount one of your own.

It is a more difficult task to install an air conditioner than you may have first thought, and choosing to install one by yourself will lead to expensive repairs in the long run if you are not 100 % confident of what you are doing. To do this sort of thing, there are qualified experts, so please, let them do it.

If you want to avoid the scorching heat and stick moisture, buying an air conditioner is a safe idea and trust me, if there are kids around, it can be a true life saver. So, weigh the interior of your space before you go to the shop and make a list of features that you know you like in your air conditioner. And if you have any questions about the one you choose, make sure to inquire before buying it. Do not settle for anything less than your home’s best air conditioner.