What is ACA?


Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition program of men and women who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional homes. The ACA program was founded on the belief that family dysfunction is a disease that effected us as children and affects us as adults. Our membership also includes adults from homes where alcohol or drugs were not present; however, abuse, neglect or unhealthy behavior was.

The term "adult child" means that we respond to adult interactions with the fear and self-doubt learned as children. This under-current of hidden fear can sabotage our choices and relationships. We can appear outwardly confident while living with a constant question of our worth.

We meet in a safe setting to share our experience and recovery in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We discover how alcoholism and other family dysfunction affected us in the past and how it influences us in the present. We begin to see the unhealthy elements of our childhood. By practicing the Twelve Steps, focusing on the ACA Solution, and accepting a loving Higher Power of our own understanding, we find freedom.


  • A religious organization, nor is it affiliated with any religion.
  • ACA is not therapy. Our meetings offer a safe environment for adult children to share their common experiences.
  • ACA is not a forum for blaming one's parents for our problems. We learn how family dysfunction has affected us. We learn to keep the focus on ourselves, and live and let live.