Demonstrate Your Accomplishments with a Micro-Credential from ABUS

Learn it. Earn it. Share it.

The Applied Business and Applied Accounting program is pleased to help our students promote their career goals through micro-credentials, also known as digital credentials or badges. Micro-credentials provide a digital opportunity to verify your knowledge, skills, and professional experiences valued by employers.

Recently ABUS partnered with one of the nation’s leading micro-credentialing organizations, Credly, to recognize achievement through their badging platform, Acclaim.

What is a Micro-Credential?

Micro-credentials, commonly referred to as Digital Badges, are verifiable web versions of a credential, certification or learning outcome. The badge itself links to information describing its qualifications and what you had to do to earn the credential. Potential employers can view details of your achievements by clicking on the image of your digital badge. You can also share your complete Acclaim profile with an employer.

Each badge is a clickable digital image that contains verified information, such as:

  • the issuing institution;

  • the date earned;

  • the criteria required to earn the badge; and

  • evidence showing that you have met the required criteria.

Watch this video to learn more about digital credentials.

Why Earn a Micro-Credential?

Earning a micro credential allows you to:

  • Directly let employers know your verified knowledge, skills, or abilities

  • Publicize your accomplishments on social media, your website and in your email signature

  • Demonstrate your resume-worthy achievements

  • Explore real-time labor markets to search and apply for jobs

Where Do I Share My Micro-Credential?

Let the world know what you've accomplished, quickly and easily! Share your credentials on:

  • Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

  • Email signatures

  • Digital resumes

  • Personal and business web sites and blogs

In addition, you can show evidence of your accomplishment by uploading projects and portfolios.

Who is Eligible?

Any student who successfully completes a course or learning event that has a badge attached to it.

More details on badging from Acclaim

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