Dental Health Routine

Committing to a Change for the Better

For the last few years, I’ve been somewhat neglectful to my teeth and dental health, something I’m not proud to admit. But I think admitting it does a lot of good for me in that I’m aware of my situation and want it to change.

Perhaps it’ll take a while longer before I commit to such change, but at the very least I’m cognizant of the fact that I could be doing a lot more to help out my health in general. And by being conscious of that, I know change is inevitable. It’s just a matter of committing to it and wanting to be the one in control of that change.

In reality, I should be thinking of my smile as a precious part of me that is so easy to keep in great condition. I mean, when I stop and think about the amount of time it takes to really keep a clean and healthy smile, it’s negligible in the grand scheme of time in a day. Two minutes to brush in the morning. Two minutes to brush at night. And two or three minutes to floss before bed.

Is 6 to 7 minutes of work for my smile really such a hindrance to my day in total? Of course it isn’t.

I’m just wishing I had made a change earlier in my life and instilled a good regimen within me years ago. That way, I’d be sitting here right now not even thinking about this topic because I’d already have everything under control and taking care of my teeth how I should have all along.

Another reason I want to change my habits when it comes to this is for my wife. She’s a lot better at taking care of her teeth, and I feel that I could easily brush and floss when she does so that it’s a together thing we do for each other. I want my breath to smell better for her. I want my teeth to be healthy in the future for her. I want my smile in photos with her to make her proud of who she’s with.

Ultimately, I have many reasons to be taking care of my teeth, and yet I call myself lazy and live up to that word by only brushing once a day. And even at that, I’m pretty halfhearted about my attempt to brush.

I need to change for me, but I also need to change for my health and for the one I love.