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Guest on The Optimist

Can We Build a More Empathetic Modern World?

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Guest on Defense of Democracy

In this episode Karen sits down to talk with Amanda, a teacher, librarian, and grassroots organizer, shares her journey of fighting against censorship in libraries. She discusses the targeted harassment she has faced and the legal actions she has taken. 

Guest on School Librarian Learning Network

While she's known in some circles as "That Librarian", she'll always be the amazing Amanda Jones! 

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The lesson she's sharing was directly inspired by her own experience with facing harassment online. It's a wonderful opportunity to give students space to share their own experiences and consider their own online behavior. 


Guest on unban coolies

Guest on NPR's Consider This

Guest on NPR's HEre & Now

Guest on NY Times First Person Podcast

Guest on Louisiana Considered

Guest on School Librarians United with Amy Hermon

Guest on The Primary Source Podcast

Season 3, Episode 1: Interview with Amanda Jones

Guest on Louisiana Teacher Leader Lagniappe 

Guest on Librarian Influencers

Guest on Future ReadY Schools: 

Leading from the Library

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