Adam Blumenthal

Brief Academic History

I am assistant professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Westminster College.

I earned my PhD in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from Iowa State University in Spring 2020 under Dr. Bernard Lidický and Dr. Michael Young.

Prior to Iowa State, I earned both my Master's and Bachelor's Degrees at Auburn University with a Master's Thesis "On Galvin's Theorem and Stable Matchings'' under Dr. Jessica McDonald.

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My primary research interests include Extremal Graph Theory, Domination Theory, and Combinatorial Algorithms. For more information, try here!


A. Blumenthal and M. Phillips. Inducibility of the Net Graph (2021) Appendices Certificates

A. Blumenthal. Independent Domination in Directed Graphs (2019) arXiv: 1910.05465

A. Blumenthal, B. Lidický, Y. Pehova, O. Pikhurko, F. Pfender, J. Volec. Sharp Bounds for Decomposing Graphs into Edges and Triangles (2019) arXiv: 1909.11371

A. Blumenthal, B. Lidický, R. R. Martin, S. Norin, F. Pfender, and J. Volec. Counterexamples to a conjecture of Harris on Hall ratio (2018) arXiv:1811.11116

J. Barnett, A. Blumenthal, P. Johnson, C. Jones, R. Matzke, E. Mujuni. Connected Minimum Secure-Dominating Sets in Grids, AKCE Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics, Vol.14 Iss.3 (2017), 216–223. PDF

A. Blumenthal, P. Johnson. A Note on Stable Matchings, International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, 8 (2013), no. 2, 35–36. PDF

Contact Information

Hoyt Science Resource Center 154, New Wilmington, PA

blumenam [at] westminster [dot] edu