Abhishek Vijaykumar

MS (Electrical & Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University)

BS (Electrical & Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University)

My interest lies in the field of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering. I excel in these areas by employing developed professional communication skills, problem-solving, and organized team strategies.

I have engineering research experiences in multiple STEM fields like Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, Psychology, and Electrical Engineering.

I am a goal-oriented and detail-oriented individual adept in team management and organization as well as data handling and analysis. I'm highly skilled in creating efficient systems to organize and manage experimental data. My interests include designing, implementing, and testing systems. I have had extensive experience with microcontrollers through internships, college courses, and high school opportunities. I have gained more experience in the field of data science, machine learning, and signal processing through my research and capstone project.

I thrive in a team-oriented setting and can transition between several roles to achieve team success. Communication, a positive mentality, and an enthusiastic demeanor are my finest qualities.

Contact Information:

School e-mail: vijaykumar.6@osu.edu

Personal e-mail: v.abhishek114@gmail.com


Graduate Courses

Relevant Undergraduate Courses


Work Experience

Department of Biomedical Engineering – Ohio State University   (Columbus, OH, U.S.)  

Research Assistant – Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

Department of Psychology – Ohio State University**  (Columbus, OH, U.S.)  

Engineering Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Richard Jagacinski                                                  

** abruptly ended due to COVID -19


Department of Mathematics – Ohio State University  (Columbus, OH, U.S.)  

Undergraduate Research Intern for Dr. Mark Magsino                                                                         


SenZopt Technologies  (Bangalore, Karnataka, India) 


Awards & Achievements


Soft Skills / Interpersonal Skills

Technical Skills



COMMUNITY SERVICE: Collection drive organization, teaching, social service   Bangalore, India     2015 – 2018 

DesignFor90: Frequency Tuner Group (Ohio State University student activity)                 Columbus, OH 2019 - halt due to COVID'19