Abhishek Vijaykumar

MS| Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering | Ohio State University (2020 - 2022)

BS| Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering | Ohio State University (2017 - 2020)

My area of interest is focused in the confluence of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Machine Learning (ML), and Neural Networks (NN). Currently, my area of research is primarily focused on utilizing DSP and ML strategies in the field of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging. My overall aim is to expand the scope of my knowledge in ML, NN, and DSP to solve various problems in multiple fields that are relevant today.

Contact Information:

School e-mail: vijaykumar.6@osu.edu

Personal e-mail: v.abhishek114@gmail.com


  • Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) : Masters in Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aug 2020 - May 2022

  • Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) : Bachelors in Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aug 2017 - Aug 2020

  • Delhi Public School South (Bangalore, India) : High School Graduated 2017

Graduate Courses

  • ECE 5300 : Machine Learning (in-progress)

  • ECE 5206 : Medical Image Processing (in-progress)

  • ECE 5200 : Digital Signal Processing

  • ECE 5551: State-Space Control Systems

Relevant Undergraduate Courses

  • ECE 4999.01H : Independent Study - Undergraduate Honors Thesis (Advisor: Dr. Rizwan Ahmad)

  • ECE 4901 : Independent Study : Capstone Design 2 (Advisor: Dr. Phillip Schniter)

  • ECE 3050 : Signal & Systems

  • ECE 3561 : Advanced Digital Design

  • ECE 2560 : Microcontroller Systems

  • STATS 3470 : Engineering Statistics

  • ECE 2020 : Analog Circuits & Systems

  • ECE 2060 : Digital Logic

  • CSE 1222 : Introduction to C++

  • Data science from Dataquest (online course purchased)

Current Research

  • Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging (ongoing)

Currently working on a conference paper with Dr. Rizwan Ahmad despite the setbacks in the research due to COVID-19. Overall aim is to publish. Please email me for more information on the ongoing research and the research proposal.

Work Experience

Department of Biomedical Engineering – Ohio State University (Columbus, OH, U.S.)

Feb 2020 – Present

Research Assistant – Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Currently working on publishing a research paper. Awarded with a scholarship by college of Eng. Honors committee

  • Applying Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning techniques on imaging data for image reconstruction.

  • Optimizing and strategically developing the algorithm used to model the data to achieve more accurate and predictable results.

  • Planning, modifying, and executing research techniques, procedures and tests.

Department of Psychology – Ohio State University** (Columbus, OH, U.S.)

Jan 2020 – Aug 2020

Engineering Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Richard Jagacinski

  • Monitored Signal to Noise Ratio with several window analysis methods to describe test subject’s driving and motor skills.

  • Researched on the benefits of a more detailed measurement of attention to preview that helped driving and motor skills.

  • Improved performance and accuracy of results by evolving statistical, qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques.

** abruptly ended due to COVID -19

Department of Mathematics – Ohio State University (Columbus, OH, U.S.)

Aug 2019 – Feb 2020

Undergraduate Research Intern for Dr. Mark Magsino

  • Applied advanced linear algebra strategies to produce and solve a complex linear system of underdetermined equations.

  • Implemented multiple algorithms to analyze and perform dimensionality reduction of data sets and perform data analysis.

  • Utilized least squares minimization and linear regression on MATLAB to improve the analysis model.

SenZopt Technologies (Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Jun 2018 – Aug 2018


  • Innovated, analyzed and devised an effective solution for a parking management system.

  • Achieved accurate mapping constraints for the presence of vehicles using ultrasonic sensors wired to a microcontroller.

  • Learned how to design the process on C++ and incorporate it with a Zigbee mesh networking system.

Awards & Achievements

  • OSU - ECE dept. - Honors Research Thesis Scholarship (2020)

  • OSU - ECE dept. - Wheaton Scholarship (2019)

  • OSU - ECE dept. - Hendrix Eng. Scholarship (2018)

  • OSU - Dean's List - 2017(Au,Sp) | 2018(Au,Sp) | 2019(Au,Sp) | 2020(Au,Sp)


Soft Skills / Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership, Positive Attitude, Teamwork, Conflict Management, Goal-oriented, Problem Solving

Technical Skills

  • Technical: Control Systems, Digital Circuit Design, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Logic, Electronics, Machine Learning, Neural Networks

  • Programming: C++, Python, MATLAB

  • Framework: PyTorch

  • Hardware: Visual Studio Code, VHDL, Modelsim, Quartus Prime, LTSpice, Oscilloscope, FPGA, CAD(SOLIDWORKS), Microcontrollers


  • Proficient in English

  • Proficient in Hindi

  • Proficient in Tamil


COMMUNITY SERVICE: Collection drive organization, teaching, social service Bangalore, India 2015 – 2018

  • Collected, managed, and supplied stationary to Government schools in Bangalore. Required organization, strategic planning and execution under a tight time frame.

  • Supervised the teaching of underprivileged kids over 2 summers. Focused on Science, Mathematics, and English. Created study material and unique learning techniques to enhance their learning curve.

  • Lead the cleaning movement for 5 streets of Bangalore with a group of residents for Clean India Campaign.

DesignFor90: Frequency Tuner Group (Ohio State University student activity) Columbus, OH 2019 - halt due to COVID'19

  • Found frequency ranges for ‘sensorineural hearing loss’ by analyzing different sound files with multiple algorithms on MATLAB. Developed binning strategies for these frequency ranges and augmented code capability.

  • Utilized different window analysis methods to extract frequency data information and improve frequency detection.