ABC Driver Education LLC

Driver Education for the Vinton-Shellsburg CSD, Center Point, LaPorte City, and surrounding areas.

Vision: We will assist young drivers to become safe independent drivers.

Mission: Young drivers will become safe independent drivers by instructing and demonstrating good driving habits and allowing time for practice.

Policy Statement 2023.pdf

Please complete the registration for the time period that you are interested.  Then download the Policy Statement (located at the bottom of the page) complete and mail with payment.

Course cost $400. Payments can be made by VENMO, check, or cash.

Please sign up for a session that your child can attend all of the classes

If for some reason the session that you initially signed up for doesn't work, you can be placed in another class as long as you let ABCDE know before the 1st class.

Spring: Class 1 2023 Registration: Closed

Online Only. Class begins February 1st.

Drives will begin March 1st

This class is open to all areas. If an area has at least 3 students we can begin drives from that area or near.

June:  Class 2 2023 Registration:  Closed.

Classes: May 21st 6:30-9:30 pm

June 5-9, 12-15: 7:00-10:00 am

Room 160 Vinton-Shellsburg High School 

Students also may choose the online option

These dates may change due to possible snow make-up days.

This class is open to  all areas. If an area has at least 3 students we can begin drives from that area or near.

Class 3 2023 Registration

July 31, August 1, 2, 3. 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11


Room 160 Vinton-Shellsburg High School 

This class is open to aall areas. If an area has at least 3 students we can begin drives from that area or near.

Fall: Class 4 2023 Registration

Online Only. Class begins September 15th.

Drives will begin late September early October.

This class is open to all areas. If an area has at least 3 students we can begin drives from that area or near.

You must be in high school to take this class.


Brad Jacobs - Owner, Class Instructor, BTW Instructor

I taught middle school math for 33 years in the school districts of Francis Howell (St. Charles, Missouri), Vinton-Shellsburg, and Linn-Mar. I started instructing driver education in 2010 and in 2015 began ABC Driver Education and providing driver education for the Vinton-Shellsburg School District and now also in the CPU area.

I grew up on a farm and learned to drive tractors and a lot of equipment at an early age. I was taught to respect the equipment because as useful as they may be, if you don’t pay attention to safety things could go wrong quickly. The same is true for driving a vehicle on the road, but the difference is that there are so many more users. Even though we will have fun light moments in the process of learning, students becoming independent safe defensive drivers is my main goal.

Mark Nall - Class Instructor, BTW Instructor

I've been teaching high school level teaching Science (Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, and Anatomy).   In terms of driving, I first started learning when I was 12 with my dad by driving the local gravel roads and county blacktops.  Since then, I've had many many experiences in driving involving good and bad weather, high volume traffic and low volume traffic, city, residential, country, and so on.  I hope to be able to pass on all this experience as well.  As a Physics teacher, I hope to bring you a good understanding of the Physics behind how a car works and what can happen in accidents if safety equipment isn't used and also in the alcohol/drug education portion of the course.  

Class - I expect all students to be on time and to be respectful when we're conducting class.  There will be times when we're laughing and other times when we're very serious.  Overall, you should be taking class and driving experiences seriously.  My goal is for you all to enjoy the class, but also glean as much info from it about being a safe and defensive driver.  By the end, everyone should be able to tell me in their own way whether they a) Drive to live OR b) Live to drive and HOW they are going to do that.  I look forward to getting to meet and know you all.  

Matt Kingsbury - Class Instructor, BTW Instructor 


1999 - Nashua-Plainfield

2000 - 2005 Mississippi Bend AEA (Columbus Junction CSD)

Drivers Education Expectations

* Develop knowledge and understanding of driving concepts through discussion, classroom activities, assessments. 

* Practice and demonstrate driving skills from behind the wheel

* Develop a student's overall driving skills, attitude, knowledge to prepare a good driving citizen.

* Have students gain more experience to execute, process, operate a motor vehicle safely. 

Almost all collisions can be avoided. Unfortunately for most of us we know about a tragedy that has affected a loved one or friend due to a collision that could have been avoided. We have to keep in mind that everyone has a story, my story is about my daughter, Emmalee. Emmalee was a freshman at ISU and walking to her first final on a rainy Monday morning December 14, 2015. The crosswalk sign was lit up for her to walk across the street. She was killed by a hit and run driver at that intersection. Five weeks later police arrested a campus bus driver. So unfortunately that is my and my family’s story. All it takes is one moment of not staying on task behind the wheel. So please keep that phone away, don’t look at your passengers when conversing, remove all distractions, and if there are distractions learn to keep them at bay.

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Phone: (319) 560-5558


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