Help us spread the charm of TDA by creating tutorials in a time-boxed way!

Our next tutorial-a-thon is planned for 2024; stay tuned for more details


We aim to create 10 minute videos introducing specific topics from Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to the mathematical community.


You will be assigned to a group of three people, and each person in your group will prepare a short tutorial on their favorite TDA topic!


You will have one week to prepare your tutorial, which you will present to your group in a trial round. You will receive feedback and give feedback on your group mates' tutorials.


A week after, in the next meeting with your group, we would like to ask you to record your tutorial, cut and send it to us together with a title and a short abstract.


Your video will then be published on the AATRN YouTube channel! See for example our Tutorial-a-thon YouTube playlists from Spring 2021 and Fall 2021!


To get started...

Fill in our interest form to receive the news about the 2024 tutorial-a-thon!

Kickoff event, typically a Tuesday at 11 AM Eastern

Choose/come up with the topic of your tutorial and pick a group!

Second week event, any day/time you want

Meet up with your group for the trial run of your tutorials, give and get feedback. We recommend to already record this session. If you are happy with your recording, you're done!

Third week of event, any day/time you want

Meet up with your group for the (second) recording of your tutorials. Cut and send us the video, together with your title and a small description. We will post the video on the Tutorial-a-thon YouTube playlist.


All meetings take place over zoom. You can get the zoom coordinates by


For inspiration, check out the videos from the Tutorial-a-thon YouTube playlists from Spring 2021 and Fall 2021.

Format of your video

Length: At most 10 minutes

Title: YourTitle [Firstname Lastname]

Only 100 characters are allowed in a YouTube title.

Content tips for your description of the video

Content tips for your video

Technical tips before recording your video

Technical tips while recording your video

Technical tips after recording your video

After your tutorial is uploaded

After your tutorial is uploaded to YouTube we suggest you to put a thumbs up to your video. That way you will get notified whenever someone likes or comments on your tutorial.

It might happen that you spot a mistake in your tutorial after it has been uploaded to YouTube. If this is the case, we recommend leaving a comment on YouTube under the video. We are also happy to alter the description of the video to inform the viewers about the mistake. If you wish us to do so please drop us a mail.

We will remove your tutorial from the channel upon your request. However, we do not recommend you to take your video offline, re-record it, and upload it again if there are only a few minor mistakes in your tutorial.

If you spot a mistake in other people's tutorials, please leave a comment under their video.

We reserve the right to remove videos if we find them inappropriate.


When you have your tutorial ready, you can share it with us by filling the upload form where you submit the title and the description of your tutorial, and a link to your recording.

We encourage you to use the service WeTransfer to generate the link to your recording, since the process is easy and supports the upload of files up to 2GB.

How to use WeTransfer to generate a link to your recording


Colorado State University

IST Austria

Michigan State University

Macalester College


Check out our article on How to Tutorial-a-thon in the October 2021 issue of the AMS notices!


Our first tutorial-a-thon ran in Spring 2021 and resulted in 39 tutorial videos! Our second tutorial-a-thon from Fall 2021 produced 21 tutorial videos.