Industry Affairs

We specialize in working with clients who present innovative solutions to fire protection challenges - helping them gain maximum profitability and market dominance. We do this through awareness, education, and implementation.

Building and Fire code change cycles occur every 3-5 years, and are a consensus-based process. As such, this means that technology always outpaces the codes and standards that will regulate them.

The “Industry Affairs” program works for you to ensure that you always have the most current information, and can always make the best decisions for the direction and implementation of your fire protection solution or technology.

So, what do we do? We help by:

Identifying issues, developing positions, and gathering industry intelligence

Quickly and accurately showing the benefits or consequence of regulatory proposals

Providing consistent, coherent, and proactive communication in support of your solutions and technology

Understanding how to address and respond to regulatory issues

How do we do this for you?

Monitor codes, standards, and industry developments

Represent your interests at meetings and committees (NFPA, ICC, other as necessary)

Draft and submit code change proposals

Coordinate with other divisions (content development, code interpretation, education/training)

Guaranteed 24-hour response to all inquiries

Monthly newsletter update on all industry activities

Can we work for you? We would love to find out. You can get started with this program or we can customize a program for your needs. Either way, the process starts by clicking the button below and scheduling a free consultation.