Arizona Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners

AAPRP, The Arizona Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners, is an organization of psychiatric rehabilitation agencies, practitioners, individuals in recovery, advocates, researchers, educators, service recipients, interested organizations and individuals dedicated to growing and training the recovery workforce through the promotion, support and strengthening of community-oriented rehabilitation services and resources in service of recovery for persons with psychiatric disabilities. Its purposes include:

  • To promote and support the development of community-based psychiatric rehabilitation services and outcomes for persons with psychiatric disabilities.
  • To promote the role of community oriented psychiatric rehabilitation as a primary programmatic modality in the provision of mental health services and to improve integration, coordination and continuity of care among all health service providers.
  • To advocate for funding of research in psychiatric rehabilitation and to support dissemination of findings to promote evidence-based practices.
  • To improve professional communication within and about the psychiatric rehabilitation field using state-of-the-art accessible communication technology, and to develop standards and promote the deployment of a well-trained cadre of practitioners, administrators, advocates and educators.
  • To exercise leadership in informing the public and policy makers of the problems, needs, strengths and potential of persons with psychiatric disabilities; and to encourage and conduct public education programs and/or other functions on behalf of that group.
  • To perform all acts necessary to the purpose of a business league formed under federal law.