Charlotte NC Septic Tank Cleaning

Highly acidic soil can eat away at the material making up a septic tank as well.

Understanding How Long a Septic Tank May Last

Septic systems have been in use for well over 150 years, effectively disposing of wastewater for homes around the world. They're made to withstand the test of time as well as certain other tribulations, but they won't last forever. Though most can hold up for 40 years or more with regular Charlotte NC septic tank cleaning, a number of factors certainly have a way of reducing their lifespans.

Construction Material

Most septic tanks are made of concrete or fiberglass, but some are made of plastic or steel. Steel is typically the first to go. As a metal, it's much more vulnerable to moisture and other hazards, so it could start to rust after only a decade or so. Fiberglass, plastic, and concrete tend to last longer, with concrete often exceeding the standard life expectancy by a long shot.

Surrounding Soil

Some soils absorb moisture more readily than others, and this could affect a septic tank in a couple different ways. Soils with higher moisture content often cause extra wear and tear, reducing the amount of time a tank will last. On the other hand, soil not able to absorb moisture quickly may leave wastewater sitting in the tank longer, also causing undue stress on the tank, pipes, and other components of a septic system. Highly acidic soil can eat away at the material making up a septic tank as well.


How much a septic system is used and in what ways can definitely affect its lifespan. Larger households tend to place greater strain on a tank than smaller ones because they generally use more water via showers, laundry, and other water-requiring activities. High concentrations of chemicals, like cleaning solutions, can also cause septic tank degradation because they hamper the natural breakdown of solid materials and eat away at the tank from the inside.

These are only a few of the common elements known to reduce the amount of time a septic tank is able to rise to the challenges it's faced with on a regular basis. Factors like roots from nearby trees and shrubs, overactive water softening systems, and lack of prompt maintenance can compromise a system as well. Contact a local professional, such as AAA City Plumbing, to learn more.