Mentoring Tutors-in-Training: A Peer-Educator’s Role in Shaping Writing Center Practice

Cara Morgan

I noticed that most tutors felt the transition from the tutor training course to working in the Writing Center was rocky; they felt thrown into the deep end.

I wondered what I could do alongside our Director, Paige Mitchell. How could I work with a new cohort of tutors to make their transition more comfortable? We know that peer-to-peer strategies work in tutorials, so why wouldn’t they work when training new tutors?

This is where my journey as a peer-educator began.

Peer Educator

A supplemental instructor that creates social space in the tutor training classroom for emotional involvement with students

Peer-educators dismantle the student-instructor power dynamic in the classroom. This creates a more comfortable environment for students and allows more opportunity for collaborative learning.

A word cloud with student evaluations of my role as a peer-educator

On this website, you can see my progress as I collected data, got IRB approved to study human subjects, and presented my findings at the 2019 Northeast Writing Centers Association (NEWCA) Conference in Danbury, CT.