"The Holy Spirit and the Air Powered Car"

Hi Kids and Parents! Happy October!

This month we are going to focus on learning about the Holy Spirit, who is God, just like God the Father and God the Son. To assist us in learning about the Holy Spirit we had our "Air Powered Car Challenge." For the "Air Powered Car Challenge," Brother IDK challenged kids to invent an air powered car and get their vehicle to go farther than his. The children who got theirs to go the farthest won a received a $25 prize! Other projects you can do this month are:

1) Welcome Picture. Online viewers and in-person attendees, please send a midrange to close up picture of yourself. We want to show you during our OakTown Welcome video! 

2) BFF. Baptized Friends/Family Forever. Send in names of five children to oaktownlive@gmail.com who we can pray for that you want to see give their life to Jesus through baptism in 2023. Please only send their first name and if you like you can keep their name anonymous and give them a number--person 1, person 2, etc. As those children make decisions for Jesus this year we will celebrate and also have a huge party at end of year! (If you're not baptized, you can be one of those names. Also, no more than five but you can have less than five.)

All videos or pictures must be emailed to oaktownlive@gmail.com. Your welcome pictures may be sent at any time. Your BFF can be sent at any time, but please send as soon as possible so we can begin praying for them as soon as possible.

Finally, we update our newsletter with information and opportunities regularly, so please revisit our newsletter as often as you can!


Fall Festival 10/29

Children's Church 11/4


Each Wednesday we have, "Play and Pray," our Kids' Prayer Meeting service, and we are so excited! This year we are experiencing even greater attendance, even more fun, and even more growth in our prayer life with Jesus! Join us each week @ 7 p.m. resuming August 16 in the OUC Family Life Center, Room 107. 



Here on the Oakwood University campus we have a fine Christian academy--Oakwood Adventist Academy (OAA)! OAA serves students Kindergarten through 12th grade, preparing students for a lifetime of service to God and humanity. Parents, please prayerfully consider sending your children to OAA. And if you are already sending your child to OAA, please tell others about your experience. Finally, Parents, please contact the school to see how you can help the academy grow and soar even more! Call 256-801-0534 or visit https://oakwoodadventistacademy.org for more information.



If you have not registered your child in OakTown, please do so as soon as possible. OUC members please register your child as well @ oucsda.org/oaktown. If you are not sure if you registered, please register again.

Registration allows for us to do four things: 1) Know your child's name (and pronunciaton if you add it), 2) Include them in our weekly giveaways, 3) Send updates, and 4) Acknowledge their birthdays during OakTown Live (if registration is received at least 14 days in advance of birthday. If you are registered at least 14 days in advance of birthday and we miss it, please let us know.)

Regarding birthdays, if you would like your child to receive a birthday greeting during our Praise Cafe, please email your child's name and birthdate to information@oucsda.org the week prior to their birthday. (This is different than registration. To register you must go to oucsda.org/oaktown.)


The Adventurer Club, our Pre-K to Grade 4 children's group comparable in some ways to Boys' and Girls' Scouts, meets on Sundays. Adventurers is a great opportunity for parents to watch and help their children learn more about Jesus with the assistance of our dedicated Adventurer Club staff. Please email oaktownlive@gmail.com for more information on joining Adventurers.


Our Children's Choir sings monthly for our 11 o' clock worship service. Rehearsals are on Fridays at 5:30 pm in our Multipurpose Room South. Kids, please join so that you can come to know Jesus and go to serve Jesus through song! Parents, please don't miss this opportunity to help your children learn and live songs about Jesus! Please email oaktownlive@gmail.com for more information on joining our choir.


Please join our Sabbath School program on Saturdays at 10 a.m. Sabbath School is a time for children to discuss Bible stories and Bible principles that Parents teach their children. Each week Parents can help their children read and/or learn the lesson for that week so that their children can discuss it in Sabbath School class on Saturday, but most of all so their chldren can live it at home, school, and play. We have classes for all ages: Beginner Class for ages 0-3; Kindergarten Class for ages 4-5; Primary Class 1 for grades 1-3; and Primary Class 2 for grades 4-5. Go to gracelink.net for the lesson. To attend classes, please see OakTown hanging banners in circular/octagonal hallway for location of our classrooms on the OUC campus.

For more information about OakTown 

please contact

Pastor Marc Raphael @ oaktownlive@gmail.com

Or go to www.oucsda.org/oaktown

Mission Mini-Party

Join the Party!

Learn the Mission Statement Song, "Becoming the Church," and get a free pass to our Mission Mini-Party and a chance to win a $50 gift card.

We will have our Mission Mini-Party on November 4 during Children's Church, for ages 4 -12 or  up to Grade 5, 10:45am-11:30am, in our OUC Family Life Center. We will have cake and ice cream and other snacks to celebrate. We will also have mission games to teach us how to go on the mission! Please be on time so you won't miss anything!

Those who worship with us online and learn the song will also be put into the $50 drawing. 

Here is the link to the lyrics and music with vocals.

Music Video with Vocals

Music Video without Vocals


To get a party pass and enter the drawing, you must email yourself singing the song to oaktownlive@gmail.com (If you have any problems sending please contact us right away at same email.)  If you cannot memorize the words, it is okay if you look at  the lyrics as you sing.

Parents of younger children can sing the song for and/or with their child. Younger children can learn as much as parents feel is appropriate to their development.


Please click blue link below to sign up to help with Children's Church, November 4.

Helper Sign Up 


Kids and parents, thank you so much for your pictures and videos that you sent in for our recent series. If you sent in pictures or videos by the due date but your picture or video was not shown, please let us know.

Finally, we would like to announce that videos of our recent series are on our OUC YouTube channel and if you have not subscribed you can access them by searching for "OUC Worship Experience" on YouTube and type in the date of the Sabbath Service you would like to watch. You can then fast forward to our OakTown Live segment. Please take time to catch up on episodes you may have missed and/or would like to see again. And please invite your friends to go online as well. It is a great way to "Go for Jesus!"



Sermon Notes are back! Please show yours at our OakTown Welcome center after church on Sabbath and you will receive OakTown Victory tickets which you can redeem for prizes on Wednesdays after "Play and Pray." "Play and Pray" begins at 7:00 p.m. and ends around 8:15 p.m. Online viewers can also download from the top of this newsletter on Sabbaths, complete them, take picture of completed notes, and then email to oaktownlive@gmail.com.