On-site microscope maintenance service

 Serving the Pacific Northwest

NOW you can transform your microscope's illumination into a long-lasting, low power LED light source. 

12 volt and 120 volt microscopes require different LED products, but we can most likely find the right product for your 'scope. LED Illumination is generally the equivalent of a 30 watt incandescent or halogen bulb, in a dimmable cool-running light source, available in warm or daylight-white color temperature, without any expensive modification to your existing power supply.

Who: Lightsource microscope users, Schools, Hospital labs, Physicians, Dermatologists, Veteranarians.

What: Cleaning and adjusting; Routine maintenance; Minor repairs.

    Major issues should be covered by product warrantees, if in effect; Contact distributor or manufacturer.

When: During client business hours, or by pre-arrangement.

Where: On-site in client facilities.

How: By technician with twentyseven years experience providing services.

Why: Biomedical laboratories are state certified (a fourteen point inspection serves as verification).

  All microscopes can degrade in visual quality over time; The greatest hazard is a False Negative.

  "If you can't see it, you can't identify it." So the question is, what is the cost of a False Negative?

  Answer: possibly the wellbeing of a person, or a furry friend.

Phone Consultation: Often an immediate concern can be addressed and corrected by telephone at no expense; followed by a service call if requested.

Costs: To be determined by client location, urgency and number of microscopes.