Oil Seals

Oil Seals

Oil seals /  Rotary shaft seals /  Radial shaft seals / Grease Seals are used to seal rotary applications such as a shaft or rotating bore.  Many early designs would consist of a rubber  sealing lip in conjunction with a stainless steel  spring and are still used today for many applications. However, as sealing  technology  has advanced, the majority of modern day  oil seals utilize an elastic sealing lip in conjunction with a stainless steel  spring. 

Piston Seal

Piston seals profiles are fluid seals specifically designed to function as piston seals in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder applications.  The outside diameter lip is designed to seal against the cylinder bore while the inside diameter lip is designed to seal the gland.  For most non-symmetrical piston profiles, the size of the seal is slightly smaller in diameter than the gland diameter.  When installed, the seal stretches into the gland to ensure a tight seal with the gland and improved stability in application.  The vast symmetrical and non-symmetrical profile options, proprietary compounds, and size range establish, Kompass India Pvt.Ltd. providing quality Piston seals for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. In so many sizes  4mm to 990 mm. and many  compounds, according to industries.


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