Funnel Academy By GrindFunnel


  • Profile Setup.

  • Bio Optimization.

  • Posting Strategy.

  • How to avoid Instagram Bans.


  • Hashtags and learn to use them.

  • Caption pattern.

  • Stories Strategy.

  • Pros of Story Highlights.


  • What is CTA?

  • Growth Content.

  • How to use stories for more views.

  • Story Reshares.

Week Four:

  • Engagement Groups - Pros & Cons.

  • Make a branded content in just one minute.

  • Learn to automate posting content.

Week Five:

  • Grow a business on Instagram.

  • Basics of Monetization.

Week Six:

  • Affiliate Marketing and how to apply for it.

  • Free platforms for affiliated products.

  • Learn to do affiliate marketing.

Week Seven:

  • Make a salespage by using free tools.

  • How to use Paypal for business.

  • What is personal domain?

Week Eight:

  • Digital course.

  • Find BEST platform for digital courses.

Week Nine:

  • Learn about imprint.

  • Step by Step guide for digital product setup.

  • Setup payment plans for your clients.

  • What is Resellers contracts?

Week Ten:

  • Ideal clients and how to find them.

  • Sell through IG stories.

  • Use Dms for business.

Week Eleven:

  • Monetize your Instagram.

  • Learn to Overdeliver.

  • Benefits of premium prices.

Week Twelve:

  • Networking on Instagram.

  • Grow a family on IG.

  • Reinvesting in your business.

I've divided the entire funnel academy into three parts:


  • Weekly guides.

  • 30 pieces of Branded motivational content.(2 posts a day!)

  • Learn how to create branded content via your smartphone.

  • How to schedule your posting on IG.

  • Learn to create monthly content in a few hours (Saves hours).

  • Story strategies.

  • How to turn visitors into followers.

  • Write post descriptions that drive more followers.

  • Time to get the extra REACH via hashtags. (Win in Hashtag game)

  • The hidden gem in the story reshared.(Learn to build a community through this move).

SECOND PART - The Know-How of IG Business:

  • Weekly guides.

  • Get to know which business modules are currently thriving on Instagram.

  • Affiliate marketing and how to do it.

  • Find affiliate products in your niche for free.

  • The easiest way to create a digital product (No need to promote the Salespage).

  • Avoid payment failures, lower the transaction fees, and learn to set up a payment method for your products.

  • Learn to separate yourself from scammers in a digital world.

  • Mindset Secrets of an entrepreneur.

  • Weekly check-in of your IG.

THIRD PART - The Monetization of Instagram:

  • Weekly guides.

  • How to find your ideal clients on Instagram.

  • Learn to sell via IG REELS, STORIES.

  • How to close the deal in DMS.

  • Monetize your small audience.

  • How to overdeliver without overworking.

  • Premium prices and their advantages.

  • Learn to treat your clients like a family.

  • Grow your network on IG.

  • Learn to reinvest in your business.

  • Build a scalable business on social media.

  • 24/7: 1 on 1 chat support.

How to get access to Funnel Academy:

  • Make a payment through debit/credit card.

  • Click here Funnel Academy and wait for the approval. Make sure you use the same email you used during payment.

  • Once I approve it, you can have access to Funnel Academy.

  • Message me on Instagram @grindfunnel if you haven't received approval.

If You Join Now, You´ll Get This For FREE:

IG VIRAL GROWTH GUIDE that will teach you about how I reached 500k+ PEOPLE PER WEEK JUST by using viral growth strategies.

You will be able to:

  • Post daily on Instagram 2-3x times

  • Create content on your smartphone

  • Reach out thousands of people every week

  • Sell your online digital product/service on an affiliate platform and let the affiliates work for you

  • Learn about sales page ,business modules, pricing analogy, cold emailing/dm strategies

  • Build a side hustle on Instagram without hiring anyone


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He is now growing daily and selling his programs easily.

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After joining the Funnel Academy, he improved his content strategy and now growing daily.

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He got an Ebook and it helped him out with breaking Instagram myths.

Within a day, just after getting the Ebook, he has improved his reach 2x.