779 Weekly Routine Order

WRO Tuesday May 28th, 2019

Issued by Captain P. Skrzypczak, Commanding Officer



May 28th, 2019


1. Sunday, May 26, 2019 will be our 50th Annual Ceremonial Review. Cadets are to be

dropped off at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum for 1500. Dinner will be

provided. Attendance is Mandatory.

a. Dress is C-1 – Ceremonial Dress (Ties, Tunis, Medals). Cadets are to bring their

uniforms on a hanger in a garment bag to the museum.

2. The Spring Bottle Drive will take place this Saturday, 25 May, from 0845 to 1300.

3. Cadets who have signed-up for Gliding are to arrive at the Squadron NLT 0745 on

Saturday, May 25. Please dress for the weather. The ground may be wet at the airport,

so boots are recommended, as is sunscreen and a ballcap. Health Cards are Mandatory.

Cadets will return to the HQ at 1300.

4. Volunteers who signed-up for Lobsterfest on Saturday, 25 May, are to be dropped off at

the Ancaster Rotary Centre (Gymnasium) at 385 Jerseyville Road West at 1300. Cadets

who are also gliding or assisting with the bottle drive can arrive after completion of those

activities. Dress is a black T-Shirt with the 779 logo, if possible. Pick-up will be 2030.

Hours can count toward community service.

5. Tuesday, 28 May 2019 will be a Regular Training Night. We will be conducting end of

year training interviews and other final items.

6. Joining Instructions for Summer Training are available for pick-up. Please see OCdt

vander Velden. Transportation forms must be filled out and returned as soon as possible

so we can note cadets not travelling by bus to their respective CTCs.

7. Dress of the Day, 21 May 19

Cadets: Civilian Clothing

CIC Staff: Business Casual

CI’s and CV’s: Business Casual

8. Duty Staff, 14 May 19

Duty Officer: OCdt Ritz

NCO duties: As per WO1 Coleman

9. For planning purposes, the following dates should be noted for the coming months:

a. 4 Jun 19 – Year End BBQ

b. 8 Jun 19 – Cadet Gala, at the Mount Hope Public Library

c. 9 Jun 19 - 100th Annual Hamilton Decoration Day Memorial Services



10. The following promotions occurred on 14 and 21 May, 2019.

a. To LAC: Bultje, Cole, Noll, Phillips, Sciranka

b. To Cpl: Biglete, Boughner, Chin-See, Dong, Evans, Fransisco, Gabr, Gallagher, Huang,

Ibrahim, Jean, Jung, Keuning, Le Donne, LeBlanc, Li D, Li N, Liddicoat, Meszaros,

Momanyi, Morgan, Patriquin, Plant, Shemmans J, Simpson, St. Denis, Watt

c. To FCpl: Atanasoaei, Bains, Beale, Belliveau, Cove, Kabani, Kendry, Kermack M,

MacLeod, Northrup, Randhawa, Santo, Shemmans, A, Shemmans, S, Tremblay W,

Webster, Whatford

d. To Sgt: Boehler, Brachkov, Finlay, Forbes S, Hargot, Wen, Winwood

e. To FSgt: Alayche, Dang, Estime, Hamilton, Kermack, Tremblay R, Tullo

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