Lisons Mieux

Let's read better!

By taking this learning module, you will

•strengthen your literacy skills

•enrich your vocabulary, and

•raise your scores on the verbal sections of standardized texts.

Navigating this training

Use the buttons at the bottom of each page. Use the drop down menus in the upper toolbar only as a shortcut to each goal.

Using these buttons at the bottom of each page is the best use of this learning module.

You will be asked to answer pre-test questions. Depending on your result, you might move to the next goal or receive instruction on that specific goal. Do take the time to read each passage, watch the tutorials, and attempt an answer for the practice question. If the video is blocked or unavailable, use the presentation slides to review instructional materials.

Structure of lessons

If you land on instruction for a goal, you will

  • view feedback on the various answers of the pre-test question
  • view information on how to achieve the goal
  • practice the strategy by reading the passage and answering a question.

Navigate the course using the buttons at the bottom of the page.